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Christian Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

For a new short term, effective approach to Psychotherapy, give me a call or email,
While most Christian Counselors pride themselves on how many Scriptural passages they can recite and how many links they can make from the Bible to psychological disorders, the Christian-centric work of Grey Matters International, grounded in one principle: truth. For us, the work is more about truth and transparency of Christ's message and working on the natural laws of accountability and decision making that evolves from that. If one honors God's natural laws of reaping and sowing around the decisions one makes, one is indeed living Scripture to its fullest. We prepare the brain to better maximize the spiritual realities of Christ's words. Contact

Christian Counselor

Christian Snyder, PhD, IP, MDIV, MA-Counseling

Christian Counselor, Life Coach, Sports Psychology

825 Harbor Cliff Way, Oceanside, CA 92008

The Bible has proven its wisdom for centuries as we seek answers that bring us to a completeness and confidence within a world of pain and confusion. We will always lead our client to that truth and confidence that Christ understands your pain and provides you with his perfect solution. Virtually every Christian today has been or will be touched by addiction, divorce, violence, depression, grief, confusion, loneliness, and hundreds of other human challenges. We will teach the client why they have been given such challenges and how God has already provided a place for healing and success. The Great Counselor is working through this counselor to bring you that victory, today! Call Dr. C today.

Christian Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


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Faith and spirituality can provide comfort and meaning to those guided by their beliefs. I was raised in a Christian household myself so I have an appreciation for the values instilled by religion, the importance of tradition, and the strength of community. My approach to counseling is humanistic and welcoming of all spiritualities. Though I do not incorporate any specific pastoral counsel, I encourage my spiritual clients to draw on their beliefs during the counseling process.

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