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  • Licensed clinical psychologist
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I am a warm and compassionate psychologist with over 8 years of clinical experience. I completed my doctorate at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, where I wrote my dissertation on Internet Dating. My predoctoral training was at the Berkeley Therapy Institute where I worked with teens, couples, seniors, and severe mental illness. My training concluded with a postdoctoral fellowship at Access Institute for Psychological Services in San Francisco. Access is a psychoanalytic training clinic that is recognized nationally for its integration of training with community engagement. I was engaged in developing the training program, providing therapy, and reaching out to the greater San Francisco Bay Area community.
Now I am in private practice in Rockridge, where I specialize in adolescents, immigrants, and young adults. I work from a psychoanalytic perspective which aims to find the root cause of mental suffering to better address it. At times I will integrate other approaches when you might benefit from it.

My specialities
Let me say a few brief comments about why I work with teens, immigrants, and young adults, and why I am successful with these types of people.
First, compared to most American psychologists, and despite my advanced training, I am still quite young. This with the fact that I am male, gives me a distinct advantage with teenage boys. Most teens are reluctant to speak with an adult. Furthermore, the majority of therapists are middle-aged women and to a teenage boy this is the last person that you'd expect to understand you. So, in contrast, teen boys feel that I can relate with them, and I can. This helps them open up and we build a connection that can help them work through their issues. If you have a adolescent son who is defiant, depressed, anxious, struggling in school, or is making you worried call me. I can help.
Second, young adults are similar to adolescents in many ways. Being in college or starting your first career may feel just as confusing as being a teen, where questions about who you are, what you want, and how to navigate relationships may be overwhelming. This is a time when mental illness can first take hold and crippling anxiety or depression can derail otherwise, bright and talented young men and women. I came to work with these young adults after realizing that many of my friends and family were struggling during this time in their life and that this was leading them to drink, use drugs, or take risks that seemed out of character. After talking to them I found I could help them and now do with same with others. If this sounds like your or someone that is close to you, call me I can help.
Third, I have lived abroad numerous times and for extended periods. This has given me a great appreciation for cultural understanding and the need for complex, nuanced approaches to mental health treatment. Immigration brings up many psychological challenges that can have long-lasting effects on family, friends, and loved ones. These issues are often ignored because of perceptions of psychological difficulties in other cultures being highly stigmatized, with psychotherapy being limited to those with profound mental illness. This is unfortunate as anxiety and depression, as well as other psychological difficulties, can greatly limit immigrants' ability to adapt to living in a new culture. This is not only true of immigrants themselves, but can also be true of multi-cultural, bi-cultural or first generation individuals who feel between cultures. I have a lot of information about this on my website, and encourage you to visit it if this sounds like something your might be struggling with. 

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