Marriage counseling that Heals in Oakland, CA. Restore Your Relationship.

Speak with the right marriage therapist in Oakland. Real help for issues like separation, communication, infidelity, and finances.

Marriage Counselor

Dan Quinn, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

The Bridge Center for Psychotherapy and Coaching, 1425 Leimert Boulevard, Oakland, California

I help couples with low to high conflict who may want to save--or simply improve--their relationship. I work with couples with trauma, porn addiction, infidelity, or a history of unproductive conflict. Sometimes couples just need a little help through a crisis.

Marriage Counselor

Esther Lerman, M.A., M.F.T.

Marriage and Family Therapist

6239 College Ave., Oakland, California

Relationships are the basic fabric of our lives, but they can be so hard! Come in to get help with miscommunication, distancing, fighting, over-involvement, getting needs met, and many other issues. You'll create a closer, loving relationship, within a safe space.

Marriage Counselor

Jennifer Twardowski, MA, AMFT

Holistic Psychotherapist

445 Bellevue Ave., Oakland, California

Relationships are one of the most complicated aspects in our lives. With these complexities, come many challenges. Being in a relationship takes a lot of work, effort and vulnerability. My goal as your therapist is to help you best manage these challenges.

Marriage Counselor

Todd Harvey, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

3179 College Ave, Berkeley, California

If you Love your partner a lot, but they drive you crazy. Are you alone in your relationship? Does your partner not really see you for who you are? I can help change the painful dance that you are caught in. I love helping Therapy Resistant Men empathize & listen!!!

Marriage Counselor

Matthew Lindgren, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

610 16th Street, Suite 210, Oakland, California

SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Matthew Lindgren is a licensed marriage therapist who offers marriage counseling and couples therapy - from techniques based on research - in downtown Oakland.

Marriage Counselor

Mey Saephan, MS, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

1134 Ballena Blvd., Alameda, California

Ever wonder why love relationships were fine until they got married? Come and learn why & gain new skills to beat what appears to be a curse that every marriage is subject to. You can enjoy your marriage and learn how to make your spouse feel that life is worth living.

Marriage Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Though we are not licensed marriage counselors, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides cutting edge brain optimization and rebalancing technology to better align the minds of partners to reduce conflict, increase hope---for the brain has the final word on change.

Marriage Counselor

Elena Gardella, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

3803 Broadway, Suite 1, Oakland, California

I work with couples hoping to find better ways to communicate, to work through a difficult situation, or to better handle conflict together.

Marriage Counselor

Theo Reynolds, RC

Relationship Counselor

4797 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, California

I specialize in working with non-traditional couples such as those who are polyamorous, gay and gender fluid as well as traditional couples. I also work with parent and child, siblings, and other types of relationships involving two or more people.

Marriage Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


Available for Online Therapy

Are you fulfilled by your relationships as you deserve to be? I specialize in online relationship counseling for LGBTQ and hetero clients. By examining your life and relationships with a counselor you can increase your capacity for happiness and success.

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Therapy Oakland California

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The infrastructure in Oakland is extensive and very effective.  There are several major highways that run through Oakland, including the Nimitz Freeway, the one where the double-deck portion collapsed during the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.  The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge also suffered a partial collapse during the 1989 earthquake.   There are two underwater tunnels, called the Webster and Posey tubes, that connect downtown Oakland with the main island of Alameda.  The mass transit system is very intricate.  Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) runs from Pleasanton to San Francisco with many different stations for commuters.1

The climate in Oakland is fairly mild with Mediterranean-type temperatures, staying fairly even throughout the year. The average temperature runs from record highs of 109 to record lows of 26; however, the temperature averages out to 67 throughout the year.  Oakland’s temperatures are between San Francisco’s and San Jose.  Regardless, Oakland will get the maritime fog since it is situated directly across the Bay from the Golden Gate Bridge, making it cooler in the summer.  Fortunately it is far enough inland that the fog will burn off by midday giving way to sunny afternoons.  The milder temperatures help to make Oakland a favorable place to live, particularly with the redevelopment projects that have been taking place in West Oakland. 

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in Oakland

About 40% of women in California will experience abuse at the hands of their intimate partner at some point in their lifetime.2 This is also an important issue for the numerous same-sex couples in the Oakland area. Domestic violence occurs in 30-40% of LGBT relationships, which is similar to the rate of occurrence among heterosexual couples.3

The Mental Health Association of Alameda County is an important service provider that meets the behavioral health needs of couples and families in the Oakland area. The association's primary goals are to advocate on behalf of those with mental illness or substance abuse issues, provide prevention and recovery services, and educate families about effective parenting, communication, and interpersonal skills. Families in need of services can call 510-835-5010.4

Family Services and Assistance Programs

Family Support Services of the Bay Area offers a number of programs that focus on strengthening families and providing services to enhance family functioning. Parents and caregivers who dedicate their time to caring for a loved one can take advantage of the respite care program. The kinship youth program provides guidance and support for children who are being raised by family members other than their parents. Mentoring programs are also available, so youth have quality role models to look up to. For further information, call 415-861-4060.5


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Oakland is located in Alameda County, California. It has a land area of 55.89 square miles and a water area of 21.96 square miles.  The population of Oakland is 419,267 people with 158,424 households and a median annual income of $54,618. .

Therapy Affordability Meter for Oakland, CA

Affordable with Planning

Therapy in Oakland is generally within financial reach for the average family, but some budget planning may be needed for a real commitment to weekly counseling. Remember that your mental health and happiness are important. Check with your Oakland therapist about insurance coverage or ask about sliding scale fees if there are any difficulties with accessibility