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Career Counselor

Jeffrey Salinas, MS, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2301 E. 28th St. Suite 309, Long Beach, California

Most people will have very different multiple careers in their lives. This can be very confusing and frightening. We all want to make the right choices. We want to be happy in our work and make enough money to live the life style we desire. We want to make as few mistakes in our choices as possible. We will work to clear the clouds by getting closer to understanding our needs and desires. We will set action goals, identify targets, evaluate results and continue refining the process until we are satisfied with the results.

Jenny Liu, MEd. MFT. NLP. Confidence Coach

Online Therapist & Coach, Online Career Counselor

Online Therapist / Coach

STRUGGLING WITH FINDING THE RIGHT CAREER?Unsatisfied with the current job? Not sure where to go from here? I can help you explore your desires and your options, unleash your personal power , take immediate actions and live your full potential… I utilize well researched methods to help my clients uncover their top personality traits and the type of environment that best match the individual's uniqueness . Call for a free phone consultation session.

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Online Therapist / Coach

While most career counselors love to give you capacity based profiles of what your talents and interests are for your best bet career choices, Grey Matters international believes that most people make predictably irrational decisions and then after making them learn way to make them fit into their identities using various types of rationalizations and strategies. We are able to assist folks in career counseling type settings by giving a deeper look at their decision making profile so they can better understand where the core frustration or desire is coming from in the world of work. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Career Counselor

Susette Magana, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

6621 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 110, Long Beach, California

Finding the RIGHT profession is a job in itself. By identifying strengths in our sessions, along with your passions, we'll focus you in a direction that fits you. While therapy can be often focused on strengths, our sessions can also problem-solve and adjust bad habits that interfere with achieving the positions that you want. I have experience working in higher education, and can help maneuver the ins and outs of college life.

Career Counselor

Nancy Bubica, LMFT

Nancy Bubica

6615 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 225, Long Beach, California

Your 20s and 30s can be challenging in regards to career and relationships. You may enter a profession only to find that it doesn't suit your nature and interests. It's okay to change your course in seeking the right fit, your niche. Don't let society determine the rules for what is appropriate career exploration. Its okay to change your mind. Don't be afraid to test new waters. Lets explore those waters together so you don't drown in the wrong profession. If you are returning to the workforce after raising your children, I can help you regain confidence. I myself re-entered the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for 11 years.

Career Counselor

Ana Arguello, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2301 East 28th Street , Signal Hill/ Long Beach, California

As a mental health professional I understand how important having the right employment is to your happiness. Through our professional therapeutic relationship I can assist you in determining how your experiences , personal strengths and weakness, balanced with personal interests, might best be suited (or not) to certain professions/career choices. I can provide guidance and support in understanding what matters to you personally, and help you make better informed decisions.

Daryl Temkin, Daryl Temkin

Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Online Therapist / Coach

Our careers make up a major part of our life. Careers can be pivotal for creating happiness in life or creating the opposite. In earlier days, people found their first job after high school or college and stayed in that job for the rest of their life. In past decades, the “one job for life” has evolved into six to ten job changing and career changing episodes. Every job change and career change often leads to anxiety, depression, fears, interview panic, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, somatic reactions and a devastating feeling that includes a lack of self-worth. Being fired and being hired revolve around rejection and the strive to be accepted. Career counseling works to make the above issues more tolerable and rational. It is directed...(view profile to read more)

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Long Beach is located in Los Angeles County, California. It has a land area of 50.31 square miles and a water area of 1.16 square miles.  The population of Long Beach is 474,140 people with 164,406 households and a median annual income of $52,783. .

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