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Basil Steele, LMHC, LCPC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
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3948A Kaimuki Avenue, Portland, ME 04106

As a licensed therapist and personal life coach, I help people learn to manage and diffuse difficult emotions, recover from addictions, navigate major transitions, experience vitality through action, and dramatically increase their scope of what is possible.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Relief from Anxiety
  • Moving through Depression
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Stress Management and Reduction
  • Major Life Transitions
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Couples/Family Counseling

Cindy Daniels

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Within Driving Distance of Portland, ME

  • Some of My Specialties:
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We all go through difficult times in life, but there's no need to go through them alone. With counseling Portland ME, therapy can help you make the adjustments you need to put yourself back on the path to an emotionally healthy life. Even when life throws you those unexpected curve balls, you will be able to square your shoulders, knowing that you are have the coping skills to make it through whatever you may have to go through. You don't have to settle for less than the fabulous, emotionally free life you deserve to live. Your counselor Portland ME, therapist, or psychologist will help you take those crucial first steps towards the inner well being that you long for. Don't hesitate. Start the healing journey today. With the help of counseling Portland ME, psychotherapy you can become free to be the person you really want to be. Call us today and let us help you help yourself.

Counseling Portland, ME. Counselor, Psychologist, Family Therapist Portland ME Help for marriages, separation, divorce, individuals, families and relationships in Portland, ME and the surrounding areas.

Other Areas of Practice: self-esteem, financial counselor Portland, addictions (alcohol abuse, substance abuse, gambling, sexual addiction, interMEt addiction), career counselling Portland. Also credentialed in depression help, credit counselor, trauma counseling Portland ME , spiritual and Christian counseling Portland ME, infidelity & affair help, anger management . Further proficiencies include: Child therapist in Portland, ME, burnout, grief & loss, psychological testing and assessment, communication counselor, aging parents, eating disorders Maine, stress therapy, and panic.

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Therapist Portland, ME

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Portland is located in the northern state of Maine and proves to be highly historical with a wide variety of family-friendly attractions for children and teenagers of all ages. The Old Port is a must see in town with incomparable architecture as well as upscale boutiques and restaurants. Perfect for a nightly outing, this location gets relatively crowded after sunset. For families wishing to catch a ferry to enjoy the scenery of nearby islands, jump on one of the Casco Bay Lines. Should unequivocal misery rattle your bones to cause physical agony, there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by a Christian counseling Portland ME psychotherapist also trained in addressing physiological pain. Heightened emotions cause very real bodily responses, and a therapist Portland ME can holistically assess the hurt to provide a remedy that will alleviate the suffering. Your children and teenagers are sure to love the ride. The Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine provides highly unique hands-on exhibits including everything from a photography dark room to a supermarket. Here you will also find stations on fire stations and space. Victoria Mansion is a beautiful site with guided tours available, specifically great for adults and couples. Yankee Lanes is one of several bowling alleys within the area to foster family-bonding and friendly competition. In terms of education, Deering High, King Middle, and Holy Cross are three of multiple schools located within and around the city.

Welcome to our network of mental health practitioners and therapists in Portland. Our greatest desire at Theravive is that you would find the right qualified help.  Our professionals offer many forms of therapy such as overcoming depression, life coaching, anger management, and marriage counseling. Counselors in Portland and credentialed psychotherapists are ready to help.

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