Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in St Johns, NL.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Saint John's, Newfoundland And Labrador.

Anxiety Counsellor

A Holding Place, M.Ed., (Counselling Psychology)

Canadian Certified Counsellors

111 Pennywell Road, St. John's, Newfoundland

If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, the counsellors at A Holding Place will work with you to help you achieve a healthy balance in your life. We work collaboratively with you to help you achieve your goals in anxiety and stress management. Working from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and depending on your needs, we offer our clients a wide range of support which can include learning specific techniques, EMDR therapy, and developing coping skills for the symptoms of stress and anxiety such as panic attacks. We offer you support in a safe and caring environment and have flexible appointment availability.

Anxiety Counsellor

Toby Dunne, MSW, RSW, MSc

Clinical Social Worker

74 O'Leary Ave, St. John's, Newfoundland

Anxiety and stress are natural parts of our everyday lives that everyone deals with at various points in our lives. These become a problem when they accumulate and our ability to deal with the new or chronic stresses becomes diminished. Even the smallest stressor can seem to be a big trigger point. I work with my clients to help to manage stress and anxiety by building coping strategies, understanding where stress comes from, and what to do with it when it arises. This helps clients to build their resilience and their confidence to deal with anxiety in the moment, as well as moving forward.

Anxiety Counsellor

Lesley Vaters, RCC, MACP

Registered Clinical Counselor

40 Commonwealth Avenue, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Life in St. John's is busy. Expectations are high and as a result anxiety rates in Newfoundland are rising. Counselling provides individuals with the opportunity to identify triggers that are causing them stress and anxiety. By identifying unique triggers, individuals are provided with skills and knowledge regarding how to cope with those areas that are causing feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety Counsellor

Michelle Burke, BA.; MA; M.ed

Registered Psychologist

835 Topsail RD. Suite 201 A, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Stress and anxiety effect many people to varying degrees. Stress itself can be helpful and motivating; however when stress is constant and overwhelming it can be debilitating. When anxiety and stress become primary elements in ones life it is time to learn new coping mechanisms, and self regulating tools. One need not suffer with these issues, the use of cognitive behavior therapy can help bring relief quickly.

Anxiety Counsellor

Lynda Moss, M.A., CCC, n.d.

Canadian Certified Counsleor

47 Atkins Rd., Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Modern life is full of demands, deadlines, frustrations, and challenges. It's important to learn how to recognize when your stress levels are out of control. The most dangerous thing about stress is how you get used to it and it starts to feel normal, you don't notice how much it's affecting you. When stress becomes overwhelming, it can affect your relationships, your mood, your productivity, and your quality of life. You can protect yourself by recognizing the symptoms of stress and taking steps to take action to deal with and reduce the harmful effect on your health.

Anxiety Counsellor

Cindy Tomblin, M Ed; MSW; RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker (Appointments in person, by phone or skype days, evenings and weekends)

40 Commonwealth Avenue, Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland

Living with constant stress and anxiety can be harmful to your health, but there are tools and skills to reduce their impact. I teach Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety and this helps to reduce worry thoughts. I have also taught courses in Stress Management, Sleep Hygiene, Healthy Relationships, Assertiveness and Character Strengths that can be extremely helpful to those living with stress and anxiety.

Anxiety Counsellor

Heather Hopkins, MEd, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

47 Leslie St, St. John's, Newfoundland

When working with clients struggling with anxiety and stress, I emphasize self-care and relaxation. I help clients to understand that they are not defined by their current state of mind. I incorporate concrete strategies to teach new skills and coping techniques. Clients benefit from learning to focus on the moment, instead of the past or the present.

Anxiety Counsellor

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

547 Michigan Street, Suite 203, Victoria, British Columbia

Do you feel tense and uptight and want to be more relaxed? Stress is the result of overloading our capacity to cope. Anxiety and worry make us suffer for bad outcomes that have not even happened. Counseling will help you identify triggers and to relieve them in healthy ways. We will talk about anxiety attacks and flashbacks and hypervigilance. We'll look at your past for the roots of anxiety and stress. You may be taking meds (check with doctor first) or using alcohol or drugs or pot and want to deal with your feelings yourself. Do you want to strengthen your trust and faith that the world is mainly a safe place? Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) or EMDR are interventions we can discuss.

Anxiety Counsellor

Denise Sargeant, RMFT, CCC, n.d.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor

148 Marine Drive, Logy Bay, Newfoundland

Stress and anxiety and common by-products of our fast-paced, high-pressured life. I am skilled at treating anxiety disorders and problems using a variety of new and effective strategies that help you change how stress/anxiety is affecting your body, your peace of mind and your relationships. I can help with panic attacks, social phobias, generalized anxiety, past traumatic experiences, job or relationship stress and more.

Anxiety Counsellor

Lori Clarke, M.A., CCC

Canadian Certified Counsellor

120 Lemarchant Road, St. John's, Newfoundland

Sometimes, because of traumatic events, losses and/or cumulative stressors, we get stuck, and this shows up as stressful feelings, fearful thought patterns, anxiousness and panic. Through a body-centred or somatic approach it is possible not only to find greater "okayness," but also a greater sense of vitality and creativity. All people (and nervous systems) have the capacity to find greater balance and to befriend and discover the body as a source of healing.

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St Johns is located in Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada. It has a land area of 445.88 square kilometers.  The population of St Johns is 108,860 people with 47,627 households . The population ranking for St Johns is #49 nationally and #1 for the province of Newfoundland And Labrador with a density of 244.10 people per sq km. St Johns therapists serve postal code: A1H.