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Eating Disorder Counselor

Greg Wells, MABC, LPC - Supervisor

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

Within driving distance of Lindsay

Often disordered eating has in roots in trauma. Whether that trauma is emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; feeling out of control in an unstable home, or being given the message (covertly or overtly) that you are never good enough, the trauma can lead to desperate attempts to regain control. This is where disordered eating comes in, as it most definitely gives you the feeling of being in control--even if in all actuality you are the one being controlled. I can help you get to the root of your eating disorder, finding true freedom to have a healthy relationship with food. I also have extensive experience in treating co-occurring addictions and self-harm behaviors.

Eating Disorder Counselor

Paul Myers, MA. LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Lindsay

If you are struggling with your image of yourself and feel like you are not valuable there is hope. There are many valid reasons that explain how people develop eating disorders. Counseling can help you understand yourself, find your value as a human being, and stop the behaviors that hurt you. Regardless of how long or severe your eating disorder is you can regain control over your life and your body.

Eating Disorder Counselor

Daniel Gowan, M.Div., M.A., LCDC, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Within driving distance of Lindsay

There are a many faces to an Eating Disorder. They are surprising, scary and overwhelming. But, when someone decides this may be an issue, there are ways to begin to address them and find relief from them. One of the most difficult things we have to deal with is how others view our issue. Once we find a safe and understanding place to deal with this issue, it becomes easier to tackle. There is relief available for this.

Eating Disorder Counselor

Michele Horn, LMFT -S

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Supervisor

Within driving distance of Lindsay

Feeling connected, loved, accepted, and secure in a relationship one of the keys is vital to our emotional and physical well-being. might find yourselves having a "negative cycle of communication." Often this happens unintentionally yet this,"descriptive pattern" of communication keeps happening over and over. Both of you walk away hurt, needs unmet, and feeling misunderstood. During these negative communication patterns anxieties and fear increase. One of both of you might go on the "defense" or possibly someone just "shuts-down." I help partners recognize their cycle, team-up against the cycle and learn new ways to connect and communicate that help each of you feel more connected, safe, and secure. Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) is considered...(view profile to read more)

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Are you ready to start on a new path? Thank you for visiting our Texas search of licensed therapists in Lindsay who specialize and have experience treating food issues such as anorexia, over eating, food aversions, orthorexia nervosa and bulimia.  Food issues affect anyone, both children and adults and can impede our relationships and daily life. Counseling for help with food and eating is a vital component of healthy recovery and restoration. Find the right counselor for eating and food issues in Lindsay right now and begin your new life.

Lindsay is located in Cooke County, Texas. It has a land area of 1.61 square miles and a water area of 0.00 square miles.  The population of Lindsay is 1,078 people with 389 households and a median annual income of $83,750. .

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