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Proudly serving those in Tukwila, Washington, Cascade
Behavioral Health offers world class care to men and women in need of treatment
to heal from mental and behavioral health concerns and/or chemical dependency
problems. This center utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to treating its patients,
and it employs a diverse team of professionals who come from various
backgrounds so that men and women can receive both comprehensive and truly
effective treatment. By delivering services in this way, the most favorable

outcomes are more likely to result.
 High quality inpatient services are available to
men and women, with a separate inpatient unit dedicated to geriatric patients.
Here, the symptoms of various illnesses, including depression, bipolar
disorder, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia to name a
few, can be treated in a transformative way. Various therapies are offered, and
staff who are trained to provide medication management services are on-hand
within this level of care, which can set the stage for a long-lasting healing

process that can positively impact the lives of all who access it.
 Men and women who are struggling with chemical
dependency can also come to Cascade to overcome addictions to drugs like
heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and prescription medications. Medically supervised
detox services are available, and adults have the option of partaking in this
center's 14-, 21-, or 28-day inpatient rehabilitation program to develop the
confidence and skills needed to refrain from further substance abuse. While in
this center's inpatient rehabilitation program, patients engage in various
methods of care that are designed to unearth the root causes for the
development of an addiction to substances and assist them in forming the
recovery and coping skills needed to live a sober life. Furthermore, once this
phase of care is complete, men and women can then step down to Cascade's
addiction-focused intensive outpatient program, or IOP, before fully
reintegrating themselves back into their daily lives. This treatment option supplies
the additional support men and women need to hold true to their recovery goals

after having completed a higher level of treatment.
 Additionally, Cascade Behavioral Health is
pleased to offer outpatient psychiatric services to those who require this form
of care. Licensed psychiatrists are available to meet with patients so that the
safety and effectiveness of any medications prescribed to treat mental illness
symptoms are monitored and so that men and women can have access to the

psychotropic medications they need to live healthy, well-functioning lives.
 In choosing Cascade Behavioral Health as the
place to become well again, rest assured that only the most appropriate and
effective services are available to bring about a better, more fulfilling life
that is not dictated by untreated mental illness and substance abuse.

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