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I bring a wide range of real world experience along with extensive, in-depth training to my work as a psychologist.

In terms of my experience, I grew up in a small farming community and know about rural American, subsistence living, hard work, and limited opportunities.  Going on to an Ivy League college was culture shock and fed my interest in the concepts of identity, assimilation, social hierarchies and socio-economic status.  Continuing my education through  law school could be been seen as a mis-step but my experience working in a government agency,  a law firm and in politics gave me an in-depth, first hand experiential understanding of the pressures and payoffs of being an attorney in the Washington, DC area.  It also spurred my interest in work culture, managing bureaucracies, and work dynamics.
My vocational background is enhanced by a wide range of educational experiences.  I earned an master's degree in counseling from the University of Maryland where I focused on practical, problem solving tools to alleviate symptoms and researched the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction along with the importance of role models in the workplace.
I bring the skills I learned in this program - mainly through the use of cognitive -behavioral therapy and associated techniques -  to my practice every day.  As most clients enter therapy in discomfort, sometimes profound discomfort, I believe it's important to access whatever tools may be helpful in easing suffering.
Why then did  I continue on for doctorate (Ph.D.) in clinical psychological and complete a post-doctoral fellowship?
While I saw that cognitive-behavioral therapy produced short -term results, I realized that many clients want to make more pervasive and longer lasting changes.  This journey requires the therapist to have an in-depth knowledge of human development and interpersonal relations as well as the ability to critically evaluate the emerging psychological, physiological, and neurological research that has far reaching implications on the clinical practice of psychotherapy.  In addition, I knew I needed to understand the research and philosophies behind our psychological theories through reading, study, and analysis.   I went to the George Washington University because I felt I needed it's psychodynamic program to balance out and enhance my prior education; Also, I knew that the course work along with multiple externships and year long accredited internship would expose me to the widest amount of theories and approaches. 
The final formal step in my education was my post-doctoral fellowship at the DC Commission for Mental Health Services.  This allowed me to further broaden my theoretical and practical skills by working with groups and couples while in intensive supervision.   Through this process, I became interested in helping those suffering from self-destructive behaviors such as addictions (work, food, sex, alcohol, drugs) as well as treatments involving meditation, guided imagery, and hypnosis.   After earning my  official certificate as a certified group psychotherapist from the Washington School of Psychiatry, I  continued to both take classes and offer workshops.  I currently strive to learn and grow through reading/studying/presenting a variety of topics related to relationships, addictions, ethics and humanistic/existential theory.
What does this mean for you?
I have exposure and understanding to a wide range of backgrounds from rural to urban and variety of lifestyles and socio-economic conditions.
My life experience, coupled with my education,  helped me become more knowledgeable about marriage, family, and balancing work-life demands. 
I have special expertise working with law students, lawyers, and those seeking to change careers to or from the law 
Short-term, collaborative, cognitive-behavioral solutions can be fashioned to help alleviate the symptoms causing you distress
Long-term, in-depth work may be necessary to create and maintain the changes necessary to live a more satisfying life
I offer individual and couples psychotherapy along with group therapy.
 Group requires previous experience in therapy but is an excellent method of translating insight into behavior change.
My working focuses on building a relationship with the client and tailoring each client's treatment to them.  My life and educational experiences guide me in selecting which approach is best for you.  I do not try to fit you in to the format of the many treatment approaches I have learned or are popular in the moment.
 Not everyone will like, appreciate, or benefit from me or my style of therapy.  I strive to refer people to other professional, caring, and skilled providers. 

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