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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Concord, California, 94520
  • Phone: 408-4619658
  • Session Fees: Fee: $165 per 45 minute session; Insurance billing: We are in network with Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Oxford, Oscar Health, United Health Care, Cigna, Optum & Cigna EAP, Kaiser NorCal. We can provide a superbill for those with out of network benefits.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

John Kane is the founder of Grow and Change Counseling and is dedicated to providing meaningful and life changing support to help you experience fullness of life and have the kind of relationships you have always wanted! We are able to provide therapy to clients in English or Spanish.


Couples therapy, Issues of Affairs in relationships, Dating relationships, problems with sexual intimacy, anxiety, anger management, depression, parenting, Christian counseling, pornography addiction, media and video game addiction, gambling and crypto trading addiction, substance abuse and addiction, trauma, and grief counseling.
Gain healthy conflict resolution skills, increase intimacy with your loved ones, improve relational skills, learn how to control anger and experience fulfilling relationships, decrease your anxiety, develop a healthy lifestyle free of addiction, learn parenting skills that reduce conflict and increase relationship with your child, understand your addiction and learn how to recover, develop internal peace and experience increased fulfillment and meaning in your life!


Relationships Focused: I believe that most of the difficulties (such as anxiety, depression, conflict, lack of emotional control, addictions, etc...) are deeply interconnected with our ability or lack of ability to engage in healthy relationships. Healthy relationships can be a positive anti-dote to many different Mental Health concerns. I work with you to design a treatment approach that meets your unique needs and in general, that will usually include a focus on improving the relationships in your life that can help to ease the burden of the mental health challenges you are facing.

Emotion Focused Therapy: I use this approach in particular with couples, but it also has valid applications for my work with parents and children. Reconnecting emotionally in relationships can be a foundational to facilitating positive change in behaviors that are hurting the relationships. I like to give couples and parents homework in between sessions to facilitate growth in their relationships and to help them experience greater relational fulfillment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): For many mental health problems, its invaluable to be able to examine the unhelpful and distorted thoughts and learn to retrain the way we think about the situation. This is part of the way in which I use CBT in therapy sessions.
Trauma Informed Care: Life is hard and there are bad things that happen to us that can shape the way we respond to people and situations in life. I am sensitive to how these bad things can be painful for you to face and talk about and I provide a safe environment for you to explore these traumas if you decide that you want to and when you are ready to do so.
 Solutions Focused Therapy: These days people want fast solutions to their problems. I work hard to make the most effective use of our time together and help you get the results you want quickly. A solutions focused approach helps you to drill down into the problem and apply practical homework into your life right away to facilitate change in the identified problem. Sometimes people come to me with a specific problem they are having difficulty making decisions about and this process can be helpful

COST: $165 per 45 minute session (applies to individual, couples, and parent-child coaching) Insurance billing: We are in network with Anthem Blue Cross, Oxford, Oscar Health, Aetna, BCBS of MA, BCBS, Kaiser NorCal, Cigna and United Health Care. Many plans like Tricare, HealthNet, and Adventist Health may provide out of network reimbursement for our services. We can provide a superbill for those with out of network benefits. If your insurance is not listed here, you may still have some coverage with us.  Contact us, it starts with a conversation.
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