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I help Manitobans grow and heal from trauma, loss, bad habits, and toxic relationships. I work with individuals, couples, and families struggling with poor communication patterns, trauma, depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, abuse, and any number of things which cause mental, physical, and spiritual suffering. 
I help individuals access their compassion, clarity, and courage because I believe we each deserve to follow our own inner compass. We need to recharge our batteries when things like anxiety, infidelity, addiction, trauma, or loss get us down. That’s my goal as a therapist to help people recharge, heal, and improve communication. In the process, we learn a lot about ourselves and connect to those around us. Through therapy, we practice using the tools to help us create the conditions for better relationships. We learn how to be true to ourselves and our loved ones.

Education & Experience

I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Winnipeg. As part of that program, I gathered four years of clinical experience helping individuals, couples, and families as a practicum therapist at Aurora Family Therapy Centre. I’m proud to say that the MMFT program at the University of Winnipeg is one of the most thorough programs of its kind in Canada and puts far more emphasis on experience, training, and growth of the therapist than many. Since graduation, I have worked with a larger therapy organization. I've also contributed in the not-for-profit sector as a contract therapist providing service in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.
I officially opened Pear Tree Family Therapy in February, 2017.  Pear Tree Family Therapy is located in St. Vital and provides a safe place to do the hard work of healing. It is a lovely space with one of the most comfortable therapy couches in Winnipeg. Individuals, couples, and families across the generations come to heal, grow, and feel more like themselves. 
Personal Life 

Along with my role as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am passionate about being a dad and husband. My wife and I have been foster parents in the past and have deep insight into how families and CFS interact, and because of that we have deeply lived experiences of what it takes to nurture a little one in a time of crisis. Our own child is thriving and provides us with countless opportunities to work together as a couple to be "bigger, wiser, and kind" in nurturing our son. My experience as a father informs my work with parents and kids in therapy, and gives me lots of opportunity to "walk-the-walk" on a daily basis. 
In my spare time, I play the piano, run when it's nice out,d and have a nightly game of cribbage with my wife. Being hockey parents and skating on our rink in the back yard is a highlight in the winters. I also love spending time with my dog, Steve, whom I treat like a person. Though he has no formal training, Steve proudly serves in his role of "Director Of Greetings" (D.O.G.) here at Pear Tree Family Therapy. He truly helps many people feel more settled and secure.  
Note: Since Pear Tree Family Therapy is a pet friendly environment, let me know about any dog allergies you might have if you are considering therapy here. 

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