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Are you unhappy and unsure about your relationship? Maybe you found out about the affair, or the pornography, or you find your spouse is so distant, angry, or cold. The very foundation of your relationship is crumbling and you feel so alone. You know this cannot continue. You want to find your way back to safe connection with your partner. You need to know that you can live each day without fear, anger or loneliness in your heart. You want to love your spouse again and to know your spouse loves you deeply-- just like you deserve.

Although you know this relationship cannot continue the way it is, maybe you have children, a mortgage, a life together and deep down you still love your spouse. You are just so overwhelmed and confused!  You want to find your way back to the safety of your relationship. You need to know that you are safe. 

You can't do this alone, no one can struggle through pain, confusion and fear all alone. Couples sometimes need help and I can help you as I have done with many other couples who felt their relationship was nearly at an end.

I am available weeknights, because I know these hours support busy working couples. I have 24/7 online scheduling so that you can manage your schedule too with minimum hassles. I am available through online videotherapy because traveling takes time and your time is important to you and your family.  
I am an experienced couple therapy, a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist who has worked with and helped numerous couples find a rich, intimate connection that surpassed their hopes. As couples reach this deep connection they so often comment on how much more deeply in love they are than even their earliest days together. 

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