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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • 122 S Michigan Ave, Suite 1025, Chicago, Illinois, 60603
  • Phone: 312.883.3318
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Do you often experience anxiety and you're not sure why?
Struggle with finding joy in activities you used to love or lack motivation to achieve certain goals?
Have difficulty making and maintaining fulfilling relationships?  
These are just some of the complaints people bring to therapy. Luckily, it can help. 
I specialize in working with adults and adolescents in individual, couples and family therapy focused on decreasing anxiety, finding motivation through depression, solving relationship issues and concerns and processing and recovering from grief or trauma. I work individually with each person to cater our time together to be a safe, non-judgmental and comfortable environment for you to explore, uncover, repair and recharge yourself in a new and permanent way.   My aim is to provide you with the space to understand the experiences in your life that have made you the person you are today, both your strengths and the patterns you want to change, and provide you with the insight and tools to make the meaningful transformation you desire. This is done through regular meetings, the format decided upon through a collaborative process as you and I get to know to each other and what can be helpful.  I've included some common questions below. If you have further questions feel free to contact me at or at 312.883.3318.  
How can therapy help me?
No matter the quality of our personal supportive relationships, everyone can benefit from a place in which they can be free of outside responsibilities and focus on their own growth and development. Therapy can be used to process a traumatic experience or loss from the past, understand current relationships or vocational struggles or even troubleshoot and plan for goals in the future.

How does it work?
In session you are encouraged to discuss whatever topics bother you, you wish to gain insight on, or are simply on your mind. Our work together is to understand both the content you describe as well as the way in which it is described. We can learn so much about you and your life by exploring both your thoughts and experiences as well as how you feel discussing it. Therapy is unique from other relationships because your reactions and feelings are always important and meaningful.

What can I expect in a first session?
My goal in getting started with a new treatment is to answer any questions you may have about therapy, collaboratively set goals about the treatment and get to know you as a person to ensure a good fit. Though it will take time to build a relationship in therapy it is important that you feel safe and comfortable to discuss both your successes and struggles in session. If for whatever reason it does not feel like a good fit, I am committed to providing referrals or other services to meet your needs.

I’m on the fence, what should I do?
I am am available for a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you have about the process. I can help you decide if this is a right move for you, and if not, provide you with resources or referrals to help you achieve your goals.

More about Matt
I received my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. Since graduation I have served in both a direct clinical as well as supervisor role in multiple organizations. I have received training from The Family Institute at Northwestern University, The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis and The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. I am an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University’s Department of Psychology and offer clinical supervision as well as individual, couples and group therapy.

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