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  • Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach
  • 1343 Terrell Mill Road Southeast, Marietta, Georgia, 30067
  • Phone: (770)235-4187
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My name is Melisa Alaba and I want to support you in having the relationship of your dreams. I give you support and tools to guide you to the:
  • Increase emotional connection and intimacy
  • Learning how to communicate so each partner is heard
  • Manage work/life stressors better- Get on the same page ( Parenting, household task, and work balance)
  • Heal from Infidelity (Sexual, Emotional, Financial, and Work Imbalances)
  • Feel safe and cared for in the relationship
  • Have a better way to manage conflict
  • Learn to identify and heal childhood traumas that present in the relationship
  • Create new rituals of love and connection

Every couple hits a rough patch. (If you haven’t yet, just wait… it’s coming!) And I’m here to help partners come back together to recreate that love, joy, and trust.

For over 18 years I’ve worked with couples to heal all kinds of issues:

Marital conflict
Poor communication
Partners with mental health conditions
Blended family issues
Childhood trauma ( affecting emotional attachment)
Past Sexual trauma (affecting intimacy and closeness)

I specialize in guiding couples to communicate with each other, improve their parenting, work through sexual struggles, get on the same page on money and finances, manage household expectations and duties, and spice things up when the spark has died out.

And I teach folks how to fight fair.

Because conflict is inevitable, and when couples can see disagreements as opportunities for growth, they can work together, and each get what they need.

So, how’s your relationship these days?

Whether you’re newly married and seeing some tension bubble up, or in a decades-long partnership where the passion is gone, I’m here to help.

I create a safe space for my clients and teach practical tools and techniques so that you can understand yourself and your partner better.

With my guidance, you learn how to understand your spouse’s value in a brand new way and learn how you complement each other.

I work on a foundational level, getting at the root of all conflict and uncovering hidden beliefs so that you can fix the broken communication patterns and create new dynamics based on love and mutual respect.

Using Gottman's principles we go through a process that allows transformation in our relationships.

Give your marriage the love it deserves.

You can get back on solid ground again. And I’m here to show you how.
My rates are :
$200.00 -$300.00 (Assessment and couples sessions)
Due to Covid 19: I currently see clients via HIPPA Compliant Video Conferencing 

You do not have to do this alone. We are in this together.
Call or email today to get started.
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