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Terri Clinton Dichiser, MA, JD, LCPC, NCC wants to teach you how to have the relationship you desire.  Lonely, hurting and confused by the fight that just occurred with your partner?  Statistics show that so many couples wait up to seven years before they seek professional help.  You keep finding yourself in the same scene with your partner yet you don’t know what to do differently.  You keep hoping your partner will change.  The distance keeps increasing sometimes to the point of infidelity, pornography, work addiction or divorce discussions.  Call Terri, a relationship expert, instead of being stuck.  Take the first step in creating the relationship of your dreams with connection and love. 

No matter how well intentioned you are once you start e-mailing or pick up the call from your ex it never seems to end well.  Shouldn’t this be easier because all you have to focus on is your kids?  Find out why you keep getting stuck and ways to move forward.  

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