Traci McMinn-Joubert, MA, LMHC, CHt, CCC

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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist
  • 1421 Luisa St. Suite O, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87508
  • Phone: 505-388-2650
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  • Session Fees: Sliding scale $80-$100 per session
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

Through their sessions with me, people create profound change in their lives and earn new self-perspective. Together, we work as a team to wade through the depths of trauma, grief, mood issues, confusions and conflicts in their lives. People who work with me learn how to step off the merry-go-round in their minds and hearts. They learn how to identify and speak about what carry and wrestle. Skills are developed to create the lives they have craved. Strengths are brought forth and utilized. Clarity is created. Through all of that process, they build more satisfying lives. Working together, we can help create this for you too!
I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and am certified and extensively trained in Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Human Sexuality, Coaching, and Grief/Trauma/Renewal. Additionally, I have professional experience in and a passion for working with Addictions, Body Awareness/Bodywork, Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and Suicidal Thinking. I believe strongly in simultaneously working and examining where patterns and maladaptive behavior has stemmed from and working to heal the residue from those times, while also working on creating ways to start from the here and now to break habits and patterns to create desired change.
We cannot change the difficult events of the past, but we have the power to change how we reframe, conceptualize and carry those events. We can heal the unresolved pain, calm our inner critic and/or change the patterns of behavior that previously lead to hopelessness. When we gain insight into the depth of our behaviors and patterning, it gives us opportunities to adjust the ways we move through our lives to create more ease and understanding. 

I believe that people are fundamentally motivated toward growth and connection. The work in my psychotherapy practice involves removing the obstacles that keep us from achieving satisfying relationships with others, ourselves and our work. Whether the obstacle is an unprocessed trauma or maladaptive thoughts or behaviors leading to anxiety and depression, managing these obstacles promotes personal growth and increased happiness.
 Entering therapy can be intimidating, but it is also brave and life enhancing. The decision you make right now to begin therapy will be an important key in your possibilities for for your future. Starting now will create better chances for being healed in the future. ASK me a question about what you are dealing with. Check out my website, email or call. Let's talk and see if we are a good fit.

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