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Dr. Wendy Eisenberg holds a Masters Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling as well as a Ph.D. in Psychology, both from the University of Southern California (USC). She likes to say, “I work with everyday people with everyday problems.” However, she is also a skilled clinician who is able to diagnose and treat more complicated psychological problems and is able to conduct psychological evaluations. Her range of treatment is quite wide, as her scope extends from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other challenging issues such as Autism, all the way to Trouble with Mother-in-Laws and Date Coaching.  She is trained as a Humanistic-Interpersonal Psychologist and utilizes a respectful and eclectic approach.


Now, let’s switch gears and listen to what she has to say about herself!


Hi! With all the psychobabble aside what I really want to tell you is why I chose my profession and also to tell you a little more about myself.  If I were you- I’d want to know more than just the academic profile of a therapist I was considering. I always wanted to be a “therapist”. It struck me, and it still does to this day, what an honor it is to be allowed—no, the word is invited into the very private and sacred arena of another person’s precious life.


Many people come to me because they want to be happy. Happiness can be a risky pursuit.  It is a feeling we all want to experience, but it is fleeting and then after experiencing those ever- so- sweet moments of joy, we are called back to the realities of our lives.  The milk spills, the phone rings, and then our drivers’ license expires. A more realistic goal is that of balance and contentment.  Joy and surges of happiness are wonderful and part of the human experience, but if one is seeking uninterrupted happiness, they will most likely be disappointed. Life has a way of ushering us forward regardless of our plans and we are forced to come along. 


Therapy with me is unique in that it is solution focused. I do not intend to keep you in my office for years on end while bumbling around with various “techniques”.  We set goals together right from the beginning and work towards them at a pace that you feel good about.


With or without a diagnosis, I never lose sight that you are a human being who is different from all the other people I have ever met. All of us run into bumpy times and need the perspective of a trained listener. One of my favorite quotes by Nietzsche is, “I tell you: one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star.”


By the way, I live with my 4 children, my husband of 25 years and a white dog named Rufus who sings when the doorbell rings.

Marriage  Counseling


   After working with married and non-married couples for over 25 years, I’m pretty sure I have isolated the most important ingredient for successful outcomes. I bet you think I am going to say……”communication”….right?   Nope.  The answer is a bit more specific. It is the type of communication that lends itself to real change. I believe the magical formula is teaching couples how to listen and how to argue.  I know this may seem strange to you when you perhaps are expecting references to harmony and how to STOP fighting. The truth is that those good marriages that are able to survive the rigors of time are couples who have learned to be very good listeners and know how to argue in an adult way when there is a disagreement.  I teach this, as I observe how a couple speaks to each other and assess how well they listen.  Of course, there is more to it than just that….but  these are the building blocks of restructuring a marriage that has started to cause pain and in some cases great anguish and loneliness. I often ask couples that work with me how they feel as they come home at the end of the day and drive up their driveway towards their home.  Are they full of dread or do they feel relieved that they are finally home? The second choice is the goal. We all want to be loved and we want to feel as if we are loved back. Nobody wants to be taken for granted and perhaps the worst feeling is to feel like you are married to somebody who you treats you as if you were invisible.  Ouch!  Lets get working on that.

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