Family therapy services in Bitter Lake, Seattle. Relationship and couples counseling.

Family counseling in Bitter Lake, Seattle. Honest and effective help for couples, relationships and blended families in and around Seattle, Washington.

Family Therapist

Karen Morton, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

9415 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington

I help hurting families heal. Often tensions are high and emotions can flare, but in the counseling room I work as a referee and guide to the words and emotions that need to be shared. I ask everyone involved to see the counseling room as a safe place and to honor the desire for peace. Some of the families I work with are in the process of a divorce. The session is used to help explain to the children, in language that is age appropriate, that their parents are separating, but it is not their fault and they are still going to be taken care of. This work is important to reduce the trauma of the divorce and create a healthier post-divorce family.

Family Therapist

Linda James, M.Ed.,MS

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

9415 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington

Family relationships form the beginnings of all other relationships in our life. Learn tools and understanding on improving communication and positive feelings in your home. Difficult relationships can be changed and family members that are stressed can find relief and new patterns of coping. Getting help for your family will pave the road for a healthier home life and the ability for each member to nurture their future relationships.

Family Therapist

Heather Abbott, MA, LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

23106 100th Ave W, Edmonds, Washington

A Family is playful, exhausting, beautiful hard work. There are patches we can all use some new ideas, new ways to connect and understand each other. If you feel like something is a bit off and just not working right in your family right now - come work with me. Let me help you reconnect in new ways and have a safe place to ask for what you need. We all want our families to be the place we can be deeply known, supported, and celebrated. Let's change the patterns that are hurting your family and create a new path forward.

Family Therapist

Dwayne Stone, MS, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

2319 N 45th St. Suite 110, Seattle, Washington

Mental illness and aging can often be a double stigma. There are more than 6 million Americans 85 and older. The number of Americans 85 and older will triple by the year 2050, when the youngest baby boomers turn 86.Older adults and care partners are less likely to identify a problem as a symptom of a mental health disorder. Furthermore, older adults have high rates of late onset mental health disorders (anxiety/depression) and low rates of identification and treatment. Even “mild” mental illness symptoms can have catastrophic consequences in vulnerable older adults. I have experience and training helping older adults and their care givers recognize early warning signs and developing support and support plans.

Family Therapist

Jennifer Schwartz, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

3417 Evanston Ave N., Suite 204, Seattle, Washington

Family members can be uncertain about what to expect from therapy and about sharing their thoughts and feelings with their entire family. In family therapy I strive to establish understanding and respect with every member of the family in order to alleviate this concern. Together we will focus on specific problems and attempted solutions, develop an understanding of why the problems are persisting, and establish goals to work on in therapy.

Family Therapist

Marcie Klevens, MA, LMHCA


4649 Sunnyside Avenue N Suite 341 Seattle, Washington 98103, Seattle, Washington

My extensive training in family systems theory helps me to promote better understanding and collaboration between family members. When one or more individuals are having problems I will help you understand them through focusing on family patterns as well as the parts played by individuals. We will come up with ideas and new ways of behaving based on deeper understanding of everyone’s contributing role within the family system. My goal is to help your family become a strong connected support system for any member in need of extra care.

Family Therapist

Doreen Gaffney, MA, MHP, LMHC


3429 Fremont Ave N. Suite, Seattle, Washington

My approach will draw from the Family Systems Model. The family dynamic is an intricate system created by the members involved and their individual histories. We will spend time looking at attachment styles and the roles each member plays in the family. I also have extensive experience with families dealing with a member having a mental illness.

Family Therapist

Michelle Barenchi, MA, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

3301 Burke Ave N., Suite 220, Seattle, Washington

Even the happiest families hit speed bumps along the way. Sometimes tension can build in the home, or you feel less like a family unit. The family system continues to shift and develop as new dynamics and expectations grow. As you age, as your children age, and as the world around you changes, it’s important for the family system to adjust, and for communication patterns to shift. In family therapy with me, we will examine relationship patterns, ones that have transcended through generations and ones that are created between current family members. We will create new ways of relating and communicating to improve the overall functioning of the family as a whole system. Together, as a family, you have the capacity to create new and healthy patterns that...(view profile to read more)

Family Therapist

Folktown Counseling, LMHC

Licensed Therapists

1900 Dock Place, Suite #3, Seattle, Washington

As a relational therapist I typically work individually with you and do not meet with other members of your family. However we will discuss family dynamics and family or origin issues in the course of our work together. As we identify family issues we may at times role-play to give you the practice of representing yourself differently with your family. I see the role of your family of origin to be vital in understanding you as a client and the way in which you relate to others. As people we are molded from our relationships and our family is our first and most foundational relationship in our lives. Naturally we take on patterns of our family subconsciously. My work aims to help make

Family Therapist

John White, LICSW, CMHS

Mental Health Therapist

1417 NW 54th St, Suite 480, Seattle, Washington

Family dynamics are complicated. When problems arise in families, it is often very difficult for those who are deeply, personally involved in the situation to be able to see or understand the underlying causes and solutions to these difficulties. Family therapy is a very beneficial way for you and your family to be able to address their concerns in a safe atmosphere. Having a professional who is trained and has experience in conflict resolution and increasing communication can be effective in helping your family move forward towards recovery and harmony in a way that is often simply not possible on your own. Please feel free to contact me to see if family therapy is right for your family.

Family Therapist

Tom Eggert, MA, LMHC

Licenced Mental Health Counselor

2208 NW Market Street, Suite 315A, Seattle, Washington

Family therapy is one of my favorite and most challenging parts of my practice. I work from a family systems background. Working together we look at all parts of the family picture; past and present. It is very useful to include as many members as are willing to take part in the process. The systems approach allows for all aspects to be looked at including any generational abuse, neglect and family trends over time.

Family Therapist

Mary Guay, LMFT, CPC

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Prof Coach

18402 103rd Ave NE, Bothell, Washington

As a therapist with a Masters in Family Studies, I have the training and experience to help your family create a positive shift that will allow each family member as well as the family as a whole to function better. As you work with me your family can learn how to create more closeness and improve communication and problem solving. Each person in your family provides a perspective that can be a resource to your family unit: I can help your family achieve a more respectful and understanding way of relating while working on your family problems. Family therapy with me is a wonderful opportunity for your family to experience a unique loving and respectful connection.

Family Therapist

Julie Holt, MA, LMHC


2366 Eastlake Avenue East, Suite 417, Seattle, Washington

There are times when families realize that something needs to shift in their life before arguments or conflict or complete silence can stop. Together we will look at the patterns within your family, figure out what creates what, and get you all through this situation. Maybe a child is acting out or maybe a parent is at their wit's end or maybe you think that something is just not right in the family. In any case, it's likely that I can and will help you.

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