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We go through our lives with countless stories that shape who we are and how we see ourselves in the world. These stories and ideas can limit our identities preventing us from expressing our true, evolving natures and realizing our potentials.
I collaborate with individuals and couples by providing a safe and introspective environment to examine and bring forward their own stories while exploring new perspectives that support and encourage positivity and confidence. This process is designed to uncover stories that reflect these strengths while identifying the problems and separating from them. People are able to feel better, act differently, and see both their lives and themselves in new effective ways.

I completed my Bachelors in Psychology from Christian Brothers University, and my MSW from Columbia University. While in New York I interned for New York Hospital's Employee Assistance Program Consortium (EAPC) where my services ranged from problem identification, short-term therapy, crisis intervention, Anger Issues, consultation, and referral for a broad scope of issues.

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