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Anger Therapist

David Silverman, LMFT

Free 20 minute phone consult

114 Northstar Mall, MARINA DEL REY, California

I have a great deal of experience working with anger issues and domestic violence situations. DV is especially important to address because of the reaction of the children pulled into this dynamic. Cognitive Behavioral methods are taught which are easy to implement. We will look for the source of anger and find different redirected behaviors to replace anger. Mindfullness and various relaxation methods will be discussed. However, you will have input and final say in setting goals and in laying out our approaches to dealing with anger. We work together as equals, without judment.

Anger Therapist

Bruce Levine, Ph.D., ABPP

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

Cedars-Sinai Medical Tower, 8631 West 3rd Street (suite 1100-E), Los Angeles, California

Frustration can sometimes lead to aggression. Cognitive-behavior therapy, as practiced by Dr. Levine, is a valuable tool in reducing the impact of frustration and reducing the resulting degree of anger. He will work with you to help you alter your reaction to frustration and develop alternative mechanisms to react to these events. Once your anger response is reduced your relationships with your family and friends are also likely to change in a much more positive direction.

Anger Therapist

Jeffrey Chernin, Ph.D., MFT

Licensed Psychotherapist

6310 San Vicente Blvd.Ste 410, Los Angeles, California

Anger is a kind of energy, a fuel that can be used for the benefit of yourself and others. But sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. It can morph into something destructive. Excessive anger can also be a mask for feelings of pain, helplessness and being out of control. We would explore what's going on, and I would offer you tools to help bring your anger under control.

Anger Therapist

Cynthia Henrie, Cynthia Henrie

LA Therapy Network - Feminist Therapy, Trauma Experts

774 Terrace 49, Los Angeles, California

Anger is a common issue when you were raised by someone who was angry or you have trauma that causes your fear and anger to be easily triggered. I help you determine the root causes of your anger and treat both the symptom of anger and the root cause to maximize your success at overcoming anger! I also use proven anger management techniques in addition to holistic treatments for trauma, relationship problems, parenting, etc. I offer an individualized, holistic and creative approach to working with your anger issues. Call me! I can help!

Anger Therapist

Ellen Klavan, MA, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

420 1/2 North Larchmont, Los Angeles, California

Anger management is both a practical matter and a profound inner journey. We begin by learning to control angry outbursts--harsh words, violence and reactivity that causes us to act in ways that are harmful to others. We learn to identify triggers, to mindfully observe reactions, to reduce stress and to develop alternative behaviors. Then we delve deeper into the roots of anger: often this take us back to unhealed childhood traumas.

Anger Therapist

Lindsey Rosenthal, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Mid Wilshire, near LACMA, Los Angeles, California

I have witnessed first hand the radical transformation that comes with anger management counseling. So many men come into my office suffering from anger issues. Through working together collaboratively the anger dissipates, and what is underneath is usually much more nuanced then originally thought. Men and women suffer from anger differently. Anger Management counseling is a transformative process which creates space for ones' preferred identity to emerge.

Anger Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Los Angeles, California

Grey Matters International and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D approaches issues of anger management in a very humane yet fresh perspective. You see, anger is a normal emotion but it is the valence (intensity) as well as the coupling choice of what one does with this that is the problem. Telling someone to "not" do it or modifying behavior with a trite psychological plan that only breeds a compliant response is not the way to change anger. Brainwave optimization is a new cutting edge technology that allows one to rewire circuitry responsible for reactivity driving the anger. Contact Grey Matters International, Inc now at or 877-606-6161.

Anger Therapist

Philip Kolba, MA


Available for Online Therapy

I provide individual psychotherapy for anger management. Anger is normal emotion that everyone experiences. It becomes a problem when one expresses anger inappropriately or one lacks the proficiency to express any emotions but anger. I use Humanistic and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help my clients understand their anger, improve their emotional experience, and express their emotions in healthy ways. A healthy emotional life is the cornerstone of living a full and successful life.

Anger Therapist

Kathryn Bryan, LMFT, ATR-BC

Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Art Therapist

2716 S Vermont Ave, Suite 9, Los Angeles, California

Anger is an adaptive emotion designed to let us know when someone is violating our boundaries, treating us (or someone we care about) unfairly, or trying to take advantage of us. Everyone gets angry. At our offices, one of our therapists will help you uncover what triggers your anger, the difference between aggression and assertiveness, and help you find tools that work for you for appropriately expressing your anger.

Anger Therapist

Gary Stollman, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, Marriage Counselor, Professional Life Coach

260 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 300, Los Angeles, California

While there are thousands of techniques to manage anger, understanding and resolving the source of the anger is imperative. Anger is never a primary emotion. Typically anger is a secondary response to feelings of hurt. A person's feelings are hurt then, perhaps because he or she hasn't learned how do deal with feelings of hurt effectively, those feelings manifest as anger. The more unexpressed hurt held inside, the more anger you feel. Anger stems from feeling unjustly treated and yet when anger is not managed, people still fail to understand and empathize with you. We can work to get to the source of the anger and help you to improve your relationship with self and others. Feel free to call my o....

Anger Therapist

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Available for Online Therapy

Rightful anger has an important place in life where and when it must be expressed. However, there are many forms of anger that are internally destructive and can become externally dangerous to ourselves and others. Some forms of anger come from long term contentious relationships and occurrences which can never go away or decrease in pain and agitation. Some forms of anger are explosive on the moment and other anger comes as a gradual escalating irritation that then reaches its limits. Counseling serves to teach skills of anger management and can defuse and even prevent out of control anger from erupting. Counseling is known to be very effective for addressing and safely controlling anger.

Anger Therapist

Carl H. Shubs, Ph.D.


321 S. Beverly Drive, Suite "L", Beverly Hills, California

We all get angry sometimes. The issue is what you do with your anger. If you act it out in ways that hurt yourself or other people, that’s where the problems lie. You may express you anger physically by hitting people, hurting yourself, or breaking things. You may also express your anger by saying things that get you in trouble or damage your relationships. Sometimes it’s what you say, and sometimes it’s how you say it. Together, we can sort it out. We’ll see what triggers the anger and how you express it. We’ll work to undo the triggers and find other ways of dealing with the anger when it arises.

Anger Therapist

Betsy Sansby, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & Communication Expert for over 30 years

Minnetonka, Minnesota

There's no shame in asking for help with anger management. What causes shame is the damage you cause others when your anger spills out onto them. In any healthy relationship, disagreements are to be expected. But decisions need to be discussed and negotiated, not forced or made on the sly. Anger management is about learning how to regulate negative emotions, ask directly for what we need, and tolerate the frustration and disappointment that come with being in relationship with others. If you are struggling to hold it together without blasting people you care about, you need help with anger management.

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