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Meet Jonathan Steele, MA, MFTI

Do you or your teen struggle with anxiety? Are you affected by unhealthy coping skills like addictions? 
As a former collegiate athlete and current sports junkie, I’ve learned and appreciated the importance of a team.  Sometimes, life hits us with unexpected obstacles.  As a therapist, I want to be on your life team!  That means walking right alongside you, encouraging, holding hope and challenging you at times.  I focus on helping build self-esteem and finding connection and intimacy with those close to you.
Hope, courage, and grace are three values I want you to walk away with.  A vision for the future is necessary for the unhealthy patterns in life to change.  But we cannot escape the reality of today and facing that reality takes courage.  Along the way failure is possible and learning to be gracious to yourself is essential.  As you journey through this change, it is not about perfection, but about the pursuit.  
I look forward to being a part of your team!  If you have questions about my services or scheduling a session, please call at (619) 272-6858 ext. 709, for a complimentary 20-minute conversation.
 Sexual/Internet/Gaming addiction
At the heart of addiction, I see a shameful cycle that can have a strong hold on people's lives. Addiction has distorted a person's self esteem and intimacy with others.  Recovery means recapturing and defining your healthy cycle.  The healthy cycle starts with finding a vision for the future and facing the real struggle addiction presents daily. Balancing vision and reality are necessary and I hope to walk alongside you during this journey!
Grief/loss counseling

Grief and loss can be one of the greatest unexpected obstacles in life.  They can range from the death of a loved one to the loss of a job or close relationship.  I see grief as a part of your journey towards healing that changes who you are.  Those changes take time and include acceptance, working through pain, adjusting to your new environment, and reinvesting in the future.  I see hope, courage and grace as key components in this journey and I am here to walk alongside.   
Christian Counseling 
If you are seeking Christian counseling, I am here to help! Faith is a key part to healing and I look at it as a journey. I use a biblical approach to identify your core beliefs, which impact the way we think and act.  Also, I am a Christian counselor who functions with a biblical approach towards multiple issues including, addictions, anxiety, trauma, pre-marital, and couples.   
Couples/Pre-marital Counseling
It is typically those closest to us that cause the most pain and hurt. As a couple, seeking reconciliation can be very difficult.  But I can help! Reconciling is done by identifying and changing unhealthy communication patterns, while uncovering and mending underlying hurt. When couples are able to identify their patterns of hurt, change is possible. Instead of running away from each other, you can turn towards each other again. Healing is possible and I hope to walk alongside your relationship!
Anxiety and stress can become so overwhelming that it paralyzes you and distorts your present and future.  If you find yourself feeling stuck, there can be a variety of factors determining your standstill and identifying them is important.  This journey will be a balance between identifying past causes, building vision for the future, maximizing your current strengths and increasing your "life tool belt".   
Other specializations: 
Adolescents/Young adults addiction/anxiety
Men's depression 
- MA in Marital and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary San Diego
 - BA in Business Administration from Fresno Pacific University
- Prepare/Enrich Certified
- Psychology of the Web Certified from Zur Institute, Includes Cyberbullying, Internet/Gaming Addiction
- Member in good standing of the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
- Member in good standing of CAMFT San Diego
- Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern MFT #83106
- Supervised by Guenette du Ville MFC # 49197

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