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Counseling as a Choice

Melonie Gale has been working with clients to help better their lives for well over twenty-five years.  Her experience in a multitude of differing areas gives her clarity to focus on the underlying issues presenting road blocks to wellness. By focusing on recognition of your choices and strengths & identifying patterns that aren't working for you, her experience can help provide you with new insights and tools for change.

Melonie Gale views her role as a psychotherapy and counselor as one in which there is a shared relationship built on trust.  Trust depends upon your comfort level with your counselor and the amount of expertise and understanding of the complexities of how feelings and issues can come together.  With experience in numerous modalities over the years, Melonie Gale is able to assess your issues quickly and accurately.  This allows her to work together with you as a team to decide what areas you'd like to explore or change in your life.  Your job as a client, is to bring an open mind and Melonie will challenge you with new information and education that will result in change in your life

Rest assured you will feel safe, supported and may experience an ah-ha moment during your sessions together.

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