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Your Therapy 
Would you like to feel more intimacy with your partner? Do you experience anxiety or depression? I invite you to engage with me in therapy to experience the life you deserve. We will explore what is hidden and teach you more effective strategies for your life or relationship. We may look into your childhood, personality, dreams, meaning, behavior and beliefs to determine what resonates and what you most want to change. If you desire couples therapy we will look at your dynamic and how to get your needs satisfied. Your happiness in life will be our measurement as to how therapy is working for you.
 My Education
My education and approach is based on western psychology and eastern wisdom. My PhD from a well known integral school and my master's from a traditional school is a good framework for sustainable change. My training combines body, mind, emotion, and/or spirit/soul to address all aspects of yourself and your relationships. I am devoted to keeping up with the latest trends through a consulting group, reading, workshops and additional training. My most recent training includes a year long of Hakomi which is mindfulness and neuroscience methodology. My specialized client is a person exhibiting borderline characteristics or BPD which includes unstable relationships, anger, and emotional volatility to name a few. Most importantly our work will be informed by my personal journey, including many of life's struggles, giving me an empathetic feel into your experience.
My Experience 
My experience includes a Master's in Counseling Psychology from USF, and a doctorate in East-West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). In addition to my education I have worked at schools, corporations, agencies, and private practice. I have also worked with critical illness, borderline personality disorder, relationship counseling, easting disorders, cutting, spiritual crisis, angry outbursts, and various other symptoms. And my work also encompasses many people looking for depth and growth while functioning well in most aspects of life. 
 Your Safety
A safe container will be created for you and possibly your partner to explore authentically and confidentially. It will be your sole decision whether you want to continue therapy as we work. I will meet you with the hours and days you need, including weekends, and online if desired. I look forward to helping you to enjoy all that you wish for in your life. 
My fees are $120 individual/$140 for couples. I am an out of network for all insurance and I use a platform to submit all bills so you do not need to submit. 

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