Addiction Therapists in Boulder, CO.

Counseling for addiction and codependency in Boulder, CO. Help for alcohol and substance abuse, pornography, sex and internet addiction, gambling, and compulsive spending.

Addiction Counselor

April Pojman, MA, MS, LPC, CHT

Licensed Professional Counselor

2325 19th Street, Boulder, Colorado

Are you tired of the never ending search for relief that doesn’t last? Are the negative consequences of your addiction catching up with you? Through EMDR and other tools I can help you heal from some of the difficult underlying experiences that drive compulsions and addictions. Together we can rewire your brain so that you can build a life you are proud of. You don’t have to give up peak experiences, comfort, or transcendence; I can help you find your aliveness in nature, relationships, spiritual exploration and your own body.

Addiction Counselor

Howard Lambert, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Middlefork Road, Boulder, Colorado

Addictions are always a statement of personal entitlement, "I can do this and I do not care how it affects you." When acting through your addiction you give the people around you the message that you are important and they are not. I deal with people who live with addictions with firm, clear, loving confrontations. I can help you deal with your grandiosity even if you do not recognize it when you first come in. I can help you find your humility and accept responsibilty for the pain and harm you have caused in relationships. When you deal with it straight on you can have access to the deepest layers of your self-esteem and to your core value. You will move from pretense into authentic life.

Addiction Counselor

Stephanie Bryan, LCSW, CAC, III

Psychotherapist, Addictions Counselor, & Parent Coach

1530 55th Street, Boulder, Colorado

Things are rough for you right now. You wonder if your use is contributing to your problems. You think you’re a social user. People you care about are telling you your use is a problem. You’re confused. You wish you could talk with someone knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and impartial who could help you figure this out. Through therapy we can work together to figure out whether or not you have a problem, how to meet your needs, and how to return you to the aliveness you want in your relationships with yourself, your partner, and the people who matter the most to you.

Addiction Counselor

Sarah Walsh, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

1319 West Baseline Road Suite 101-B, Lafayette, Colorado

I have worked with many clients who have attended the "Shift" program at Flatirons Church and need extra support in their recovery from Addiction. Similarly, I have worked with individuals who need extra support as they also work through an AA or Al-Anon programs. Clients often find working with me helps them gain more perspective on their addictions.

Addiction Counselor

Joe Soma, MA, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

2769 Iris Ave, Suite 114, Boulder, Colorado

I have been involved in addiction work for the last 19 years. I see addiction as having two components; physical and process. The physical in governed by our neurology and physiology, the process by our social, emotional, and developmental selves. If you are an addict, wondering if you have a problem, or simply don't like the way you relate to a substance or an activity, my first question to you will be, "what is the wisdom of the X?" "what do you get out of the X?" Once we understand what the X is trying to achieve, then we can then help you find other ways to meet the need the X is trying to meet.

Addiction Counselor

Scott Boyd, M.A., LPCC, MFTC

Registered Psychotherapist

2027 Broadway, Suite B, Boulder, Colorado

I have been sober for 13 years and believe the struggles I have had with addiction allows me to be very effective this work. I have worked with hundreds of addicts and really enjoy this work. Overcoming addiction is much more than learning coping skills. Coping skills are definitely a part of it, but the biggest part is learning/growing so that you can enjoy life without whatever it is you are addicted to. The only way I believe we can stay sober long term, is too feel so good that we don't need something to make us feel better. It's the happiness we obtain in sobriety that will keep us sober not the remembrance of the suffering of the worst days of your addiction.

Addiction Counselor

Stewart Brown, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

1650 38th St.--Suite 206E, Boulder, Colorado

Addictions are tough. Most of them have two components and both have to be addressed. The first has to do with the addiction being a symptom of something else. The something else has to be uncovered, understood, and then resolved. Secondly, the addiction itself has physically reinforcing aspects that need to be acknowledged and changed. Groups are often a more effective way to get this to happen than individual work. I can help with finding a good group option.

Addiction Counselor

Kathryn McGuirk, LCSW, CACII, EMDR

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Addictions Counselor

100 Arapahoe, suite #12, Boulder, Colorado

I am a Certified Addiction Counselor with expertise in assessment, diagnosis and treatment substance abuse disorders. Because substance abuse and addictions are closely tied to mental health issues, I focus on treating the whole person. I have experience with drug and alcohol abuse/ dependence as well as gambling and technology addiction. I use a harm reduction model and motivational interviewing techniques to join you in the change process. Whether you are just starting to wonder if you have a problem or you are in long term recovery in need of ongoing support, I can help meet your needs.

Addiction Counselor

Randy Compton, MA

Registered Somatic Psychotherapist

1503 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder, Colorado

Addiction often represents a way to meet a deep need in an unhealthy way. My work with you is to uncover this deep need and see how we can meet it in a healthier way. We'll look at the patterns in your life that brings you to your addictive behavior and the feelings underneath that might contribute to this pattern of behavior. We'll set goals and talk about reaching safety and connectedness. You will start to feel empowered by making the choice to change your behaviors and understand the deeper motivations behind your addiction. Feeling healthy happens over time as you work your process and treat yourself with compassion as you learn and relearn new ways of being.

Addiction Counselor

Jennifer Abbott, PhD, LPC, CACIII, EMDR certified

Licensed Prof. Counselor; Certified Addictions Counselor

1137 Pearl St., Suite 203, Boulder, Colorado

Hope is not something that everyone has, but it is something everyone deserves. Many of the adults and adolescents I work with have been to therapy in the past and found it unsuccessful. I am committed to helping individuals feel better, uncover their potential, and empower themselves to achieve meaningful goals. I work successfully with individuals to overcome difficult problems including addiction, substance abuse, trauma, posttraumatic stress (PTSD), relationship problems, and overwhelming emotions.

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Thank you for visiting our Colorado page of therapists in Boulder who specialize in addictions in all forms- internet addiction, pornography and sex addictions, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, shopping, and food addictions.  An addiction can destroy lives and relationships. Often times there is a codependent person somewhere in the sphere of an addict. Professional therapy from an addiction specialist in Boulder, CO is a vital part of recoverey and healing. We are ready to help, let's get started.

Boulder is located in Boulder County, Colorado. It has a land area of 24.83 square miles and a water area of 1.00 square miles.  The population of Boulder is 108,090 people with 42,165 households and a median annual income of $58,484. .

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Therapy in Boulder is generally within financial reach for the average family, but some budget planning may be needed for a real commitment to weekly counseling. Remember that your mental health and happiness are important. Check with your Boulder therapist about insurance coverage or ask about sliding scale fees if there are any difficulties with accessibility