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Wisdom and Resilience


When our coping skills no longer seem to work, this can be an opportunity to look at defense patterns so that we do not become stuck in self-perpetuating cycles.  I help people to see how their ways of dealing with challenges may no longer be as helpful in present circumstances.  We outgrow our coping patterns.  With understanding, it becomes possible to no longer judge former versions of ourselves as we move forward with greater awareness and, thus, choice.

In our work together, the shared experience of uniqueness and similarity creates a space for insight to emerge.  Through a two-way conversation that is collaborative and sometimes even playful, it becomes more possible to access the immense help that is within.   This builds resilience.  Understanding by itself is not always enough to manage stress or loss.  We need to experience ourselves and our relationships differently.  This allows for wise change.


Getting Unstuck 


Sometimes life's agenda is simply not in accordance with dreams or plans, and suffering ensues when we resist the reality of our situation.  At other times, we may have the discipline and clarity to face reality, but it becomes constant effort to hold ourselves in this life.  This can be an opportunity to look at inflexible or isolating defenses so that we do not become stuck in self-perpetuating cycles.   


Shame and Belonging


Often feel like part of you is an outsider or has to stay hidden?  Wanting to understand threads between past hurts and present confusion?  Utilizing a variety of approaches, I can offer perspective and help you feel understood in order to bring connection to the parts of you that feel alone or unacceptable.  It is possible to turn self-hatred into self-acceptance and to truly experience loving relationships.  I provide an affirming space for a lot of people who have had previously unsatisfactory experiences in therapy including LGBTQIA folks.


Organized psychology has a history of exclusivity, privilege and pathologization of marginalized identities.  I recognize overt and unconscious prejudice and racism that happens within Western medicine.  I will listen, learn and address implicit biases with the intention to maintain a therapeutic practice that is inclusive, equitable, and diverse.


Life Transitions and Acute Crisis


I'm skillful at helping people improve relationships, navigate life transitions, and work through periods of acute crisis with less fear and overwhelm.  Working with a clinically astute, sincere therapist can be life-changing.  My background and training includes modalities that are trauma-informed, psychodynamic and with a mind-body orientation.

Trauma-informed modalities include my use of EMDR, Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry Approach, and Internal Family Systems.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a relational approach I use that seeks to understand how unconscious experience informs our current thoughts and patterns.  By coming to understand the factors outside of our awareness that shape our minds and hearts, we can make informed choices that create positive change.  We can learn to use more effective coping skills and become more resilient.  Other changes include: improved communication, greater productivity, and resolution of personal or relational conflict.


Mind-Body Approach is informed by extensive background in movement arts, Compassionate Inquiry, and body-based mindfulness practice.

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