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Anger Management

Dr. Carol Francis, Psy.D., MFT, CHypT,

Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child, Hypnosis

3655 Torrance Blvd 318, Torrance, CA

Anger expressed in raw form, typically is destructive to relationships and hurts reputations. Raw anger can harm others and results in property damage, jail time, loss of children, divorce, or unemployment. In contrast, anger can be presented in honest but thoughtful ways, leading toward problem-solving and closer relationships. Each explosive angry moment is different. Each person vexed with chronic anger requires different tools and interventions. In order for an angry person to become calm, clear, trustworthy or even reliably loving -- deep work with past abuses, injustices may need reworking. Learning verbal skills & impulse control, help too. and 310-543-1824.

Anger Management

Vi Ballard, MFT

Marriage Family Therapist

3424 W.Carson St., Torrance, CA

Daniel Goleman in his book " Emotional Intelligence" says, "The train of angry thoughts that stokes anger is also potentially the key to one of the most powerful ways to defuse anger: undermining the convictions that are fueling anger in the first place. The longer we ruminate about what has made us angry, the more "good reasons" and self-justifications for being angry we can invent. Brooding fuels anger's flames. But seeing things differently douses those flames". Call me and we can talk further about what is making you angry.

Anger Management

Carl Wells, Carl S. Wells Ph.D

California Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MFT

I encourage you to express your anger without violence to others while finding how you can harness this emotion to help yourself instead of self-destruction. You have a right to be as angry as you feel and to learn to evaluate the costs of bottling it up or feeling out of cotnrol. The expression of anger and its energy can be used to help you improve your life if you are willing to learn more about it.

Anger Management

Marjorie Rand, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

616 N. Poinsettia Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA

Anger is a legitimate emotion in response to injury or for self-defense. But if survival defenses are out of conscious control, it is then considered lack of impulse control. Your anger by passes the rational part of your brain and you react instantly without thinking or choosing how to react. In order to interrupt that automatic reaction, you must slow it down. Do that by taking deep breaths until you have calmed down and are able to make a rational decision of how to react.

Anger Management

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rightful anger has an important place in life where and when it must be expressed. However, there are many forms of anger that are internally destructive and can become externally dangerous to ourselves and others. Some forms of anger come from long term contentious relationships and occurrences which can never go away or decrease in pain and agitation. Some forms of anger are explosive on the moment and other anger comes as a gradual escalating irritation that then reaches its limits. Counseling serves to teach skills of anger management and can defuse and even prevent out of control anger from erupting. Counseling is known to be very effective for addressing and safely controlling anger.

Anger Management

Ellen Roese, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

326 S. PCH, Suite 206, Redondo Beach, CA

I am a counselor specializing in grief and loss. When a loved one dies anger is often a feeling that looms large and can feel frightening. Anger at God, the person that died, the medical system or other people in your life is a normal feeling after a loss. As a bereavement therapist we will work together to understand these feelings and the myriad of other emotions that accompany a difficult transition.

Anger Management

Kevin Bergen, MA, MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

2780 Skypark Dr., Suite 205, Torrance, CA

Are you accused of being angry? Is someone afraid of your anger? Are you being threatened into getting help for anger? At CCRG, we understand how YOU feel, and we can get people off your back. If you're willing to learn some approaches that work, you will find that others annoy you less, things go your way more often, and you'll be treated with respect and love. Wouldn't that be nice? Give us a call and just say you want help with what others call "anger."

Anger Management

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Grey Matters International and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D approaches issues of anger management in a very humane yet fresh perspective. You see, anger is a normal emotion but it is the valence (intensity) as well as the coupling choice of what one does with this that is the problem. Telling someone to "not" do it or modifying behavior with a trite psychological plan that only breeds a compliant response is not the way to change anger. Brainwave optimization is a new cutting edge technology that allows one to rewire circuitry responsible for reactivity driving the anger. Contact Grey Matters International, Inc now at or 877-606-6161.

Anger Management

Yeshiva Davis, LMFT, MA, MBA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

1061 E. Hyde Park Blvd, Inglewood, CA

Are you notorious for your hot temper? Do you have a short fuse, or find yourself getting into frequent arguments and fights? Explosive anger can have serious consequences for your relationships, your health, & your state of mind. Let’s work together to prevent your anger from hijacking your life. In session, we’ll work together so you can gain insight into the real reasons for your anger. I can introduce you to some effective anger management tools, so you can learn how to express your feelings in healthier ways. I can help you learn to express your emotions without hurting yourself or other. Once you do this you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also be more likely to get your needs met.

Anger Management

Hope for Healing Counseling, Inc., LMFTs and LCSWs

LMFT's and LCSW's

16415 S. Colorado Ave., Suite 305, Paramount, CA

We teach our clients effective coping skills in order for them to gain control over their emotions. We assist our clients in identifying triggers and in developing plans for better management of triggers. At treatment proceeds, we also facilitate exploration of themes, issues from which anger stems to move toward greater resolution in these areas. Clients gain a sense of control over their actions instead of simply reacting according to previous patterns of behavior.

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Anger Management in Gardena CA.

If you are dealing with uncontrolled anger, treatment and help through anger counseling Gardena CA will give you new resources and strength to overcome. Anger management Gardena, CA and anger support groups are available through professional California therapy from a trained counselor. There is no longer a need to be controlled by anger, frustration, or a short temper when a Gardena CA anger therapist is available to help. Find the most qualified and experienced Gardena CA anger counseling and Gardena, CA anger management by contacting one of our specialized anger support therapists today.

Welcome to our network of anger management therapists and counselors in Gardena, CA. Anger treatment, support groups, and counseling for anger is available to help you heal and resolve the issues that are hurting you. Our California professionals are licensed therapists and psychologists with experience and training specifically in anger management. Gardena CA anger specialists are ready to assist you. Select any of the qualified anger management therapists in Gardena CA below to find help.