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Anger Management

Margriet Stoffman, BSc, MA Counselling Psych

Christian Counsellor

430 Lakewood Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4B6

Anger is a cluster of emotions that involves our body, mind and will. Anger itself is NOT always a problem. However, uncontrolled anger can cause problems. Learn how to deal with anger in a healthy way and discover the difference between righteous and unrighteous anger. Free yourself from the sin anger can bring by letting Margriet help you find new techniques and tools to deal with your anger.

Anger Management

Karen Bourdon, MA

Counselling Therapist

1073 St. Mary's Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2M 3T2

All feelings are normal. Feelings of anger are normal. None of us have been perfectly raised to manage and express our feelings in a perfectly healthy way. I can help people become more self aware of their feelings of anger, and to help them learn to express themselves in a manner that both respects themselves and others. Having worked in a women's shelter for years, I have a great deal of experience helping people learn to be assertive and to enjoy relationships and life to the extend that it should be.

Anger Management

Carolyn Klassen, OT(Reg)MB, RMFT

Clinic Director/Therapist

105-1483 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2C6

Anger Management is best done in a respectful environment that understand the experience and expression of anger originate from somewhere. Understanding that is helpful in moving forward effectively. We have several means of accessing our Anger Management program, entitled "Transforming Destructive into Constructive" (TDC). It can be taken in a two evening format on Monday evenings and is offered monthly. It can also be done individually with a therapist in a four hour format (in two-four sessions). We have an enhanced program for Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence delivered in individual an individual or as a couple. Check our website for more information.

Anger Management

Susan Wenzel, MA; PACCP

Psychotherapist/ Clinical Sexologist/ Sex-Therapist ;

E-118 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B4

Being angry is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s when anger escalates to the point that it has a negative effect on us and the people around us that it becomes detrimental to ourselves and our relationships. When you feel out of control, when you become abusive, feelings of shame, regret, and guilt; that is when it is time to seek help for anger management. Therapeutic process will consist of helping you to identify the root cause of your anger. It could be caused by current factors or a past family history. Sometime people are not aware of what or why they are so anger. My work with you will consist of helping you identify the triggers. You will also become aware of the emotions or feeling prior....

Anger Management

Michelle Morand, Online, Phone and In Person Support

M.A. Counselling; Internet, Phone, and In Person Counseling

Skype/Internet/Phone Support Worldwide, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0B8

Anger is a coping strategy. It is a natural human response to a threat and it always arises when we feel sad or scared, or both. There is a way to feel and express anger that allows you to be heard and understood fully and that doesn't leave you feeling judged or shamed, by yourself or others, for how you've behaved or spoken. The solution lies first in understanding how you are perceiving the situation that triggers you to react as you do. Once you can truly understand that you can change it, before you get to the boiling point. This means you have less anxiety and guilt to struggle with, fewer apologies to offer, and more safe, loving and intimate connections in your life.

Anger Management

Gerry Pettyjohn, MA, CSRT

Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist

3527 Pembina Highway (Entrance at rear of building), Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A5

When a person is not in touch with his/her emotions, the feelings get "dumped" into one big emotional pot and the only emotion that comes out is anger. I help you identify and express emotions in a way that will help you to overcome anger. I also guide you through anger exercises to purge anger and reach a healthy destination where you can forgive those who have done wrong to you.

Anger Management

Susan Monkman, B.A., M.A. Couns. Psych.

Counselling Therapist

530 Kenaston Blvd., Suite 325, Winnipeg, MB R3N 1Z4

Anger is a natural emotion and a warning sign to identify a real or perceived threat or blocked goal. In itself it is not wrong, but it has the potential to harm our health, relationships, and careers if it is not understood. As you identify underlying issues, and recognize early signs of anger you will be able to implement new ways to manage your response, increasing self-esteem and hope.

Anger Management

Glenys Wirch, MA

Counselor Therapist

546 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G3

Anger is a normal, often healthy human emotion. When anger becomes destructive, it can cause distress in important relationships, school or work,health, and overall quality of life. Anger can vary in intensity: from mild irritation or annoyance to outright fury and rage. I will help you explore your anger, what triggers your anger reactions, and help you find more adaptive ways to express what you are feeling. I provide a safe, nurturing environment where you are free to develop more effective ways of expressing yourself. This in turn will improve your quality of life.

Anger Management

Julie Long, M.Ed., CCC


208-161 Stafford Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2W9

Anger is a powerful emotion that warns us that something is not right in our lives that we need to address. It is like your check engine light coming on in your car. Yet sometimes our anger can be so powerful, it can be difficult to figure out what is wrong and how to deal with it calmly. Whatever the cause of our anger, if we don't manage it in healthy ways, it can develop into serious issues like abuse, addictions, divorce, or even health problems. If you feel like your anger is causing too many fires in your life, give me a call so we can figure out what is igniting your spark and help you learn to process your anger in healthy way so you can put out the fires in your life.

Anger Management

Mary-Ann Roy, BFA; MA

Certified Counselling Therapist

201 Portage Avenue West; 18th Floor, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6

Anger comes in many forms. It is an emotion that triggers fear in relationships and situations. Whether it is tearing apart families, friends or even causing damage in the workplace, I have guided everyone who needs to work through the anger so that it became not only manageable but understood and, therefore, powerless to cause the chaos and pain it once did.

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Anger Management in Winnipeg.

If you are dealing with uncontrolled anger, treatment and help through anger counselling Winnipeg will give you new resources and strength to overcome. Anger management Winnipeg, MB and anger support groups are available through professional Manitoba therapy from a trained counselor. There is no longer a need to be controlled by anger, frustration, or a short temper when a Winnipeg anger therapist is available to help. Find the most qualified and experienced Winnipeg anger counselling and Winnipeg, MB anger management by contacting one of our specialized anger support therapists today.

Welcome to our network of anger management therapists and counselors in Winnipeg, MB. Anger treatment, support groups, and counselling for anger is available to help you heal and resolve the issues that are hurting you. Our Manitoba professionals are licensed therapists and psychologists with experience and training specifically in anger management. Winnipeg anger specialists are ready to assist you. Select any of the qualified anger management therapists in Winnipeg below to find help.