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Family Therapist

Darcy Bailey, MSW, RSW, RCC, DipAT

Registered Clinical Counsellor;Art Therapist;Reg.Social Work

302 - 20238 Fraser Hwy, Langley, British Columbia

Parent Education dealing with family conflict, discipline issues, behavior probelms and communication are addressed. Parents should expect to be involved in sessions (including wihtout their children) focussed on understanding your child's / teens behavior, how to communicate effectively, probelm solving and ways of conflict resolution as well as ways to increase your childs sense of personal responsibility and accountability, while also inclreasing their self esteem.

Family Therapist

Janine Tredwell, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

201 8047 199 Street, Langley, British Columbia

Our family relationships are among the most important relationships we will have. The ability to communicate, connect, and respect is important for healthy family relationships and sometimes requires guidance. My attachment based parenting approach encourages families to connect even during difficult times such as adolescence when our family bonds can become strained.

Family Therapist

Ted Leavitt, M.Sc., RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Trouble does not occur in a vacuum. It is common for families to have a scapegoat on whom the disharmony in the home can be blamed but in reality, there are many other roles being played by family members, creating a dysfunctional balance. If we align one tire but leave the rest to wobble, it is only a matter of time before our repairs have amounted to nothing. The more involved a family is in the process, the better the chances for real change to occur.

Family Therapist

Lieneke Hewlett, MTC, RPC, SFTT, BA Psyc.

Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Registered Professional Counsellor and Registered Supervising Focusing Therapist and Trainer

10422 168 St, Surrey, British Columbia

In working with a family, there are many beneficial activities: helping people to build awareness of themselves and their role in the family, how to move out of reaction (attack or flee), learn new skills, develop healthy coping habits, learn 'focusing' as a self help tool and to deepen relationships, building group strength, etc. I work with the whole family as well as with the individuals.

Family Therapist

Tanya Johnson, RMFT, MMFT

Master Therapist providing Holistic Counselling Services

Wisdom From Within Holistic Counselling - 2775 McKenzie Ave, Suite 201, South Surrey, British Columbia

As a trained Marriage and Family Therapist, working with families for over eight years, I have the experience, knowledge, and skills to offer your family quality care. Traditional, modern, and unique family formations all require a thorough understanding of issues that arise. Conflict, loss, hurt, and anger are normal, but left unresolved, the family becomes wounded and cannot heal. I will first explore with you what needs to change. We will then examine the current dynamics, family history, culture, values, core beliefs, strengths, and resources. Amazingly, family work with a family therapist often requires fewer sessions than individual work, and the changes can be more lasting.

Family Therapist

Jesse Schellenberg, MAMFT

Registered Clinical Couselor

#206, 20641 Logan Avenue , Langley , British Columbia

With the exception of our genetics, there is no greater impact on who we become then the family that we grow up in. The family unit is a system that goes through many changes of the course of a life time, and many families struggle to navigate the constant changing landscape of their world. Therapy can offer a way to dialogue and overcome some of the most daunting challenges that families will face, and teach them to develop the resiliency and resources they need to face the future together.

Family Therapist

Paul Bains, B.Sc., M.A., RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

8556 120th Street - Suite 204B - Second Floor, Surrey, British Columbia

Family can be our most stable, loving, caring and nurturing parts of our lives. When family issues come up, then our sense of well being can be thrown into turmoil. I have 16 years of experience working with families. If you are struggling with parenting issues with a child, teen, adult or extended family issues, then I can help. I work with the whole family or parts of a family system. Every family is unique and, therefore, a unique approach is required. I will work with you to access your insight and knowledge you possess to help your family. I have worked with families from diverse cultural backgrounds. Call me today to see how my services can ease struggles & tensions in your family.

Family Therapist

Annette Kasahara, BA, MEd. (Psychology), RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

15421 Russell Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia

My hope for clients who are experiencing challenges in their family relationships is that they will create greater understanding and acceptance of one another. Clients will build healthy communication skills that will assist them in resolving current issues, as well as preventing future conflicts from occurring. It is my hope that each family member will develop a willingness to accept the uniqueness of the other members in the family, as well as a willingness to listen and understand one another. Through this process of learning how to come together with openness, each person will be affirmed that he/she matters and has a voice in the family.

Family Therapist

Goretti Faria, MSW, RCSW, CCC

Registered Clinical Social Worker

23195 96th Avenue, Fort Langley, British Columbia

Life changes and persistent problems such as stress, loss and divorce can create strain in family relationships. Goretti can work with you to improve the connections and bond between family members, deepen and enhance relationships, break the negative cycles and patterns of relating, address parenting and multi-generational issues and resolve problems and conflict.

Family Therapist

Charlaine Robinson, MA, RCC 13582

Registered Clinical Counsellor

#201-2469 Pauline St, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Experience: Throughout my 20 years of professional experience in the human services field I have been driven by a passion for helping others that I now bring to Clinical Counseling. It is rewarding to serve youth, adults, and families, helping them to overcome distressing and traumatic life events while realizing their strengths and resilient qualities. My clinical counselling practice includes supporting individuals who experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, self-harming behaviors, suicide ideation, and those who experienced domestic violence. My lived experiences inform my practice. Being married for 33 years and raising three children, now young adults, has increased my empathy, compassion, and understanding for youth, adults, and...(view profile to read more)

Family Therapist

Kevin Klassen, MC, PsyD (Cand), RCC, RMFT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

Suite 304, 19978 72nd ave , Langley , British Columbia

I'm a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist. As such, I have extensive knowledge on family dynamics and on how to build healthier relationships between family members. It is common for family members to get stuck in unhealthy communication patterns where the true message of what is trying to be communicated is lost in translation. Or, where members do not know how to talk about things that matter to them. Either one of these often result in increased conflict or disengagement, where no discussion occurs. My job is to help identify where the stuck patterns are occurring and to help each family member learn how to be more effective in communication together.

Family Therapist

Angela Herd, MACP, RCC, RCAT, Dip. CSW

Registered Art Therapist, Child & Family Therapist

3063 240th street, Langley, British Columbia

Angela has been supporting families to work through challenges and increase their strengths for over 20 years! Her training and experience support families to address sudden crisis, trauma/loss, job loss, divorce/separation, conflict/violence, parent-child/teen relationship challenges, marital discord, serious illness & family caregiving, mental health concerns, communication difficulties & developmental disabilities. Begin to rebuild troubled relationships by discovering & building on your family's unique strengths and resources. Contact Angela today for your free consultation!

Family Therapist

Alain Langlais, MH, RTC, CHHt


Available for Online Therapy

Family dynamics can be a complicated and sensitive balance within a home. This can be made increasingly complicated by divorce, blended families, individual parenting, spiritual values, health issues and much more. Counseling can provide family members a neutral voice and a place to be heard when fighting and arguing is impacting daily functioning and happiness, of one or more family members. We also help develop necessary tools to resolve conflict in a healthy way, bringing peace and harmony back to everyday lives.

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Langley is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 308.03 square kilometers.  The population of Langley is 117,285 people with 41,982 households . The population ranking for Langley is #45 nationally and #8 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 380.80 people per sq km. Langley therapists serve postal code: V3A.