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Child Therapist

Joe Borders, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1722 Professional Dr, Sacramento, California

I have worked with children as young as 7 years old, but one of my areas of interest is working with teenagers. In my experience, in contrast to adults and young children, when teenagers experience hardships and difficulty in life, they act inward, turning away from people, as opposed to acting outwards and looking for help and support. When working with teens it is my job to show them that I am a trustworthy, "chill"/"cool"/casual guy who they can talk to about anything they want to. After kids warm up in therapy and start talking, they typically magically get better simply through having a designated person they can open up and talk to.

Child Therapist

Deborah Cohen, MFT, MPH,CHT

Marriage and Family Therapist

2620 J Street, Sacramento, California

Some of the therapists at our Soul Wisdom Therapy group practice work with young children and their parent(s). We offer play therapy and art therapy for the children and a powerful parent-child therapy called Watch, Wait and Wonder for parents with their young child. Please contact us for more information.

Child Therapist

Joan Fellows, M.A. MFC

Licensed Marriage, Family, Individual Therapist

1909 Capitol Ave. Suite I, Sacramento, California

Often times young children do not have the words to express what is going on inside of them. I help young children by providing them with different ways to express their thoughts, feelings, worries and stresses. To help young children I often use play therapy techniques, art therapy, sand tray therapy and many more experiential modalities. In therapy I provide a safe, nurturting and therapuetic environment.

Child Therapist

Heather Blessing, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

910 Florin Road Suite 104, Sacramento, California

Did your young child experience a traumatic event? Are they struggling with behavior issues? Are you at a loss of what to do? I have more than 18 years of experience working with young children with special needs, emotional problems, behavioral problems and ones who have experience trauma or loss. I can help. I work WITH the parent or caregiver to help the child be the best they can be. I also support parents at IEPs, 504 Plans, and team meetings. I can advocate for you and your child's needs. Call now for a consultation.

Child Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Many times, child therapists overdo the family system in their quest to seek effective solutions for emotional, learning or behavioral concerns with young children. And many times doctors overpathologize issues that shouldn’t be medicated necessarily. This leaves parents wondering what is the best route for their child? Introducing brainwave optimization technology. A fast, effective, natural, and less expensive way to allow your child's brain to make the optimizing changes it desires to make---on its own! Without any external force, opinion, medication, diagnostic, etc. Contact or 877-606-6161.

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Thank you for visiting our California page of licensed child psychologists and child therapists in Sacramento, California who are trained and experienced in helping children and youth.  Working with children requires a different skillset from other types of therapy and here you will find therapists who are skilled, patient and experienced. Please note that while all therapists here work with children, not all may be a registered psychologist. You can easily verify this on each profile. Reach out to a child therapist or child psychologist in Sacramento today, our contact forms are "open" 24/7.

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