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Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

In 93611 - Nearby to Fresno.

Grey Matters Intl & Dr. Kevin Fleming(cited expert for NY Times, CNN, Fortune, Sporting News)is all about bold thinking & neuroscience innovation in getting mood/behavior change when shrinking,feel good self-help, and pills aren't cutting it. Indiv/couples/family.

Edward L. De La Loza, LCSW

Edward L. De La Loza, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Available for Online Therapy

Are you ready to enjoy transformational living? With the CBT and the 7-DTL approach, let's identify your strengths leading to that attainment of life-transforming goals, supported by the concept that "Microchange leads to substantive change" (

Reverend Sherri Board, LCPC

Reverend Sherri Board, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Available for Online Therapy

My name is Reverend Sherri L. Board, M.A. I am a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and also a Certified Temperament Counselor. I enjoy helping my clients learn about their true temperament needs and also focus on helping adult survivors of childhood abuse with issues

Christi Lindsay, PsyD

Christi Lindsay, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Available for Online Therapy

I love working with people and helping them grow, overcome obstacles, and discover themselves. I am here to help you with whatever you are struggling with - to help you feel better and be more settled and in control of your life and your future.

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Fresno is in the middle between Los Angeles and Sacramento.  The political scene in Fresno appears to be split between the Democratic and Republican parties; however, it leans more towards a conservative view, though many here also claim a more liberal view.  Over the years, the city has undergone an economic transformation with agriculture not being the dominant economic stimulus for the area.  Rather the shift has been towards education, healthcare, and professional services, with great emphasis on manufacturing-type companies.  Some of the larger, well-known employers include Sun-Maid, Foster Farms, David Sunflower Seeds, Kraft Foods, and the Gap Pacific Distribution Center, which sits on 80-acres.  Plus this is the West Coast hub for the Internal Revenue Service.  The Fresno Unified School District is also a large employer in Fresno, along with the many universities that are located in Fresno.

Fresno has just over half a million people living in Fresno County.  There is some diversity here; however, the majority of the ethnic group in Fresno is the Caucasian population, with the Hispanic population close behind.  These two ethnicities make up approximately 80% of the demographics.  There are quite a few universities that have made this area their home, such as California State University, University of California, San Francisco which is the medical education program, San Joaquin College of Law, and National University to name a few.  There are also several private colleges here, such as Pacific University, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, California Christian College and the Alliant International University to name a few. 

Mental Health in Fresno

The economic downturn that began in 2008 severely impacted the Fresno region. As a result, one-fourth of Fresno County residents live below the poverty level - a figure that is nearly 10% higher than the average poverty level in California.1 Although the number of homeless people has decreased by 12.5% since 2010, the number of people without homes in Fresno is still extremely high.2 This population, in particular, has high rates of mental illness and substance abuse.

The Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health provides emergency and critical mental health services 24 hours a day. The Substance Abuse Program offers comprehensive treatment options for poverty stricken or homeless people suffering from addiction. More information is available by calling 559-600-9180.3

Current Initiatives

The Fresno Mental Health Initiative was formed to address the critical shortage of mental health services in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley after budget cuts forced the closure of the county psychiatric crisis center. Smaller hospitals and clinics tried to compensate; nevertheless, average wait times for emergency mental health care rose to 19 hours. After years of collaboration between public and private agencies, the Initiative is near to accomplishing its goal of returning quality health care to the Fresno area. The final component is development of the Fresno Restoration Center. The Center will provide comprehensive services for mentally ill and substance-abusing clients, ranging from counseling and sobriety services to assistance finding affordable housing and employment.4


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Fresno is located in Fresno County, California. It has a land area of 114.38 square miles and a water area of 0.28 square miles.  The population of Fresno is 520,052 people with 161,914 households and a median annual income of $41,531. .

Therapy Affordability Meter for Fresno, CA

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Mental health treatment and therapy in Fresno is sometimes a struggle to afford for families and individuals without proper insurance coverage. Finances for many in Fresno are not able to cover long term weekly counseling sessions without a budgetary plan in place. The good news is that therapists are often willing to work with you if accessibility is an issue. Low cost therapy and sliding scales are just some of the options that therapists can offer. Insurance may cover your sessions as well. Talk to your counselor to learn more. Low cost counseling and affordable therapy are also sometimes offered by listed city and university level clinics, check with your local Fresno public health department.