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Marijane Ward, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1151 Dove Street Suite 230, Newport Beach, California

I enter into each new psychotheraputic relationship with an extreme prejudice that therapy works, for most people. Finding the best fit is an important component to good treatment. It's important for the person whom you are sharing your most vulnerable and initimate information be someone you have faith in, sets good boundaries, understands your specific needs and that you can ask questions freely and without judgement. I work collaboratively with clients to better gain a sense of understanding about their particular problems or concerns. Each therapist brings their own education, personality and experiences to the therapy hour, its part of our humanness and this must be a good fit.


Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

James Hillman once said, "We've had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world is getting worse." While there are many occasions where the validation and listening endemic to psychotherapy makes sense, there are times where we over assume that "feeling better" and "changing behavior" are the same. Grey Matters International, Inc. goes after the forgotten brain laws to behavior change that therapists miss when processing hours and hours of dialogues with people. Utilizing a cutting edge technology to facilitate the emotional process of change, we can make the therapy process way more effective, faster, and with less money spent. Contact or 877-606-6161.


OC Relationship Center, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

1400 Bristol Street North, Suite 245B, Newport Beach, California

You deserve to feel better and have less anxiety, less self-doubt in your life and relationship. Our licensed, compassionate and professional counselors at OC Relationship Center can help you feel better with psychotherapy and counseling. So if you are tired of feeling not good enough - or tired of struggling in a relationship, let us help at our office in Fullerton, CA. Here are some benefits of psychotherapy: improved relationships, a greater sense of peace and calm, more self-confidence and more energy - even a more positive view of life. Please don't go through this alone. Psychotherapy and the counselors at OC Relationship Center can help. We offer individual and couples psychotherapy.


Deborah Farnsworth, Psy.D.


1151 Dove Street, Suite 278, Newport Beach, California

I use an Object relations approach to psychotherapy which entails looking at how your relationships affect your functioning. As a certified psychoanalyst, I am always listening for issues connected to your past and yet I am always grounded in the present. Looking at the past is only helpful if it helps us live richer and fuller lives now. As we explore the important relationships in your life we may see that there are faulty perceptions interfering with your happiness. Old feelings from the past can hinder you personal progress. I focus on helping you to remove the obstacles that get in your way. Our relationship is important for your healing. Let's see if we are a good fit!


Lyndsay Elliott, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

1550 Bayside Drive, Suite 6, Corona Del Mar, California

Many of us seek therapy to get relief from emotional distress, or to manage a problem that we are having in our lives. But often, those problems are connected to something deeper and causes us to feel “stuck” in patterns that we are unaware of. A full exploration of your history helps to uncover those more unconscious thoughts and reactions. Learning to manage the problems, while also addressing the underlying triggers is a crucial part in feeling more effective.


Nancy D Young, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

3505 Cadillac Avenue, Bldg O, Suite 109, Costa Mesa, California

As life gets increasingly complex, occasionally we just need somebody to talk to… someone who cares, but who does not have a personal agenda with us… someone to bounce things off of, from whom we might acquire skills and tools that haven’t occurred to us, someone to walk with us as we sort things out. Psychotherapy gently facilitates the exploration and resolution of personal and/or interpersonal concerns according to our own specific individual needs and goals.


Robert Puff, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

2436 W. Coast Hwy., Suite 103, Newport Beach, California

3 Quick Tips to manage your stress and anger: - Use your work-out time to process your stress and anger - Use “On-the-Spot Tension Tamers” - Have an “Emergency Exit Strategy” I’d like to offer you 3 quick tips on managing the stress or anger in your life. Although I’ve written more extensively on this in other publications, this is just a quick, short list of three things you can do to tone things down a notch and improve your life. First, make sure that you are exercising regularly. While you exercise, become aware of what is bothering you. As you focus on your stressors, let the physiological energy generated by your anger or angst be burned off by your body. Let the exertion cleanse you....


Carl Wells, Carl S. Wells Ph.D

California Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MFT

16168 Beach Blvd. #241, Huntington Beach, California

A high level of trust and comfort for you in psychotherapy is a must. Working with an experienced therapist you can rely upon to listen skillfully will help you to learn to to lift negative moods, become a better problem solver, or improve relationships. Can simply sharing your problems with a therapist be enough to help you improve? I often hear from new patients that they were dissappointed in prior therapy because they were not helped to foucus and to use specific tools that not only made them feel better in therapy, but also in their lives. Therapy should be designed to help you learn at you own, most effective pace for you.


Kristi Starkey, MS, MFT, #52051

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1700 Adams Avenue, Suite 214, Costa Mesa, California

I am Kristi Starkey a Marriage and Family Therapist in Mission Viejo, CA and I use attachment theory as my main approach to psychotherapy. Attachment theory serves as a solid foundation for understanding the development of ineffective coping strategies and the underlying dynamics of your emotional difficulties. I can help you with attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance so you will understand how past experiences with caregivers or significant others have shaped your attachment. I will also help you see how these patterns work to protect you, not only early in life, but also later in life and how they contribute to your experiences of distress.

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Newport Beach is a highly desirable community in which to live, and also serves as a destination for the many tourists that visit southern California. Over one-fourth of the households in the city have an annual income of $200,000 or more, making it one of the most affluent cities in the nation. Balboa Pier is one of the city's top attractions, as are its pristine beaches. For families who like to shop, Newport Center is a great place to find items for every member of the family. The center sits on a bluff overlooking Newport Harbor, giving visitors a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.1

Mental Health in Newport Beach

Residents of Newport Beach experience many mental health and substance abuse issues that are common throughout Orange County. Over 15 percent of area residents engage in illegal drug use, including marijuana and prescription pills. As a result, approximately 9 percent of the area's population has a substance abuse disorder. Another common mental health condition, depression, is also common in the area. About 5.4 percent of individuals aged 12 or over have experienced a major depressive episode in the last 12 months.2

Hunger prevents many individuals in Orange County from operating at their best. Work and school become difficult, decision-making is impaired, and poor decisions lead to even more difficulties in life. The Second Harvest Food Bank feeds nearly a quarter of a million people each month with over one million pounds of quality, nutritious food. The food bank is able to put 90 cents for every dollar that is donated toward feeding the hungry, largely due to the massive volunteer effort put forth each day by hundreds of people who seek to improve the lives of others. For more information about Second Harvest, or to inquire about donating time, food, or money, call 949-653-2900.3

Current Education

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers a comprehensive special education program for children in pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The objective of the special education department is to help students with disabilities meet or exceed district performance standards, while developing the necessary skills, knowledge and tools they need to transition into adulthood with success. Programs serve children with a number of conditions that make learning challenging, including dyslexia, autism, developmental disabilities, and emotional disturbances. For more information about the special education programs available in the district, call 949-515-6769.4


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Newport Beach is located in Orange County, California. It has a land area of 23.78 square miles and a water area of 29.17 square miles.  The population of Newport Beach is 87,127 people with 38,071 households and a median annual income of $113,071. .

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