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Couples Counselor

John Quinlan, Psy.D.

Psychologist (License # PSY23794)

Within driving distance of Muscoy

Many of us can remember the frustrations, hurts, and joys experienced in a loving relationship. Often couples can become confused with the variety of emotions and complicated interpersonal interactions. A counselor can help a couple avoid the pitfalls that can destroy a relationship and help a couple to establish healthy bonding and boundaries within effective communication to enhance and maintain a healthy relationship. For those in an unhealthy relationship, counseling can help an individual understand their need for change, setting boundaries, and maintaining safety for themselves and for other family members.

Couples Counselor

Nyshia Johnson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within driving distance of Muscoy

Are you a Christian Couple struggling just to stay together? Does the day you said “I do” seem so far away and like a dream? Are you often sad and worried about your relationship and what’s going to happen? Have you or your spouse cheated? Are you tired of crying and being stressed out? Are you struggling with where God is in all of this? Sometimes the stress of life, parenting, or money can get in the way of being the best possible couple. I work with you to help restore the relationship from wherever it has been (cheating, poor communication, anger) and rebuild something better and healthier. I’m someone that shares your faith and can help you while respecting your values.

Couples Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


Available for Online Therapy

There are countless models of healthy romantic relationships, from monogamous to polyamorous, and unique variations between partners. The scripts for dating and longterm relationships of our parents’ generations may not be applicable to your relationship, and there is no formal education in how to be a good partner or how to identify unhealthy relationships. But there is psychological research that shows that effective communication, emotional openness, intimacy, and other factors contribute to healthy relationships. Creating these conditions are skills that can be learned. I practice brief humanistic and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) to help my LGBTQ and hetero clients learn these skills.

Couples Counselor

Catherine Wheeler, MFT


Within driving distance of Muscoy

Affordable couples workshops are offered once a month! Couples want to raise their relationship to a HIGHER LEVEL OF LOVE! Today there are tools to guide couples to improve communication, learn how to be a team, resolve problems without escalating, and regain their sexual desire, attraction and passion, when they both feel heard, supported and close. When relationships become stuck at a lower level of love couples lost desire and attraction, can't communicate with depth, and feel like adversaries on opposite teams! We build our whole lives on love, why settle! Dr. Wheeler has written several books (on amazon) that teach couples tools for heart-centered love!

Couples Counselor

Deborah Vinall, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Within driving distance of Muscoy

Do you love your partner but not necessarily your interaction patterns? Are you struggling to determine whether this is the person you wish to commit to spending your future with? It demonstrates wisdom and respect for yourself and your partner to seek input from a counselor in an effort to grow or change maladaptive patterns. With a decade of experience helping couples improve communication and strengthen or evaluate their most important relationships, I would be honored to join with you in these endeavors. Please call today!

Couples Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

What are the most common couples' issues? If you are thinking "communication, conflict, sex, money, child rearing" you are correct. However, most therapists will go after the symptom on each side of the couple fence thinking that the way to effective change is by getting each party to "work" on their respective "issue". Many times the parties don’t agree but comply. Imagine if you could align the unconscious brains of a couple and stop the "working on your issues" part that has become so popular in therapy settings? Contact to learn how! Or call 877-606-6161. DR. FLEMING'S NEW RELATIONSHIP/COUPLES INTENSIVES.

Couples Counselor

Thomas Luttrell, PhD

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (AMFT)

Within driving distance of Muscoy

Relationships take hard work and are always growing. Perhaps your relationship just needs a 'tune-up' or maybe problems cause both of you to suffer greatly. It can feel intimidating to let another person see your personal lives, but I've seen even couples on the brink of divorce turn things around and be happy again. Why wait when you could be enjoying your marriage? Anyone can do it, but its much easier when you act sooner than later. For a limited time, I am offering a free introductory session for those couples who take the comprehensive relationship assessment, Prepare-Enrich. This relationship assessment shows your strengths as well as areas for growth that we can work on together.

Couples Counselor

Lu Ann Ahrens, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Within driving distance of Muscoy

As a Marriage and Family Therapist I am a relationship expert and delight in helping couples to see past their differences to their desire to make their relationship a safe and enjoyable place. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Couples' Therapy (EFT.) Of all the currently used theories regarding couples' therapy, EFT has the best outcomes for couples with 7:10 couples showing improvement over a three-year period.

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Muscoy is located in San Bernardino County, California. It has a land area of 3.14 square miles and a water area of 0.00 square miles.  The population of Muscoy is 11,674 people with 2,396 households and a median annual income of $36,108. .

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