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Evelynn Rivadeneira, MS, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

1385 W State Rd 434, Suite 207, Longwood, Florida

I use Psychotherapy, commonly called "talk therapy", to help you gain a high level of self awareness. It is in this new gained awareness that you will discover the reason(s) you are stuck in irrational patterns of behavior, feelings and perceptions. The more aware you become, the more you are able to control your motives, and thoughts. The more you will be able to change negative thoughts with positive ones. The good feelings will follow and your perception and attitude will begin to reflect positive, rational behavior. And thus, the healing process begins...


Amy Teumer, MS, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

2813 South Hiawassee Road, Suite 207, Orlando, Florida

Are you ready to reclaim your life? I look forward to helping you reach your goals through the process of strength-based counseling. Together we can identify your past and present successes and use these strengths to address the challenges that you are facing today. I seek to provide you with the courage and support you need to make the changes that you have been searching for. I believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable environment where they can talk openly and freely without the fear of being judged. Call me today for more information about my counseling services.


Morgan Rahimi, Morgan Rahimi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

230 Benmore Drive, Winter Park, Florida

I know life is not always easy, but I believe people have strengths and resources that enable them to persevere even in difficult situations. It is my responsibility to assist clients in gaining knowledge, resources, support and confidence to assist them in leading the life they want. If you are interested in learning more about a collaborative, client-centered approach to therapy, I look forward to speaking with you!


John Daniel, Ed.D., EdS, MA, MA, CCCT, CPC

Board Certified Clinical ChristianTherapist - CCCT#0404021013 / Board Certified Christian Life Coach - BCCLC#0131

5463 Hansel Ave, H9, Orlando, Florida

A tremendous value-add to having me as your psychotherapist is based on what I term my contextual approach. In short, I see every client as unique. Hence, my therapeutic modalities are tailored specifically to individual client needs. I used all five broad-based categories in my psychotherapy namely: psychodynamic therapies, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, humanistic therapy and integrative or holistic therapy. We believe rigidity in therapy significantly limits client results and often misses the whole picture. Other benefits include the incorporation of interpersonal and systematic approaches which combat self-defeating patterns and make allowances to firmly establish sound frameworks


Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

James Hillman once said, "We've had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world is getting worse." While there are many occasions where the validation and listening endemic to psychotherapy makes sense, there are times where we over assume that "feeling better" and "changing behavior" are the same. Grey Matters International, Inc. goes after the forgotten brain laws to behavior change that therapists miss when processing hours and hours of dialogues with people. Utilizing a cutting edge technology to facilitate the emotional process of change, we can make the therapy process way more effective, faster, and with less money spent. Contact or 877-606-6161.


Deborah Galvin, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Windermere, Florida

I believe in working with the client where they are both emotionally and spiritually in psychotherapy sessions. I encourage each client to determine their individual goals they would like to achieve and work towards during their sessions. These goals can often be a work in progress. They can change and develop through time after contemplation and thought.


Kerri-Anne Brown, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

7350 Futures Drive, Suite 12B, Orlando , Florida

Psychotherapy is the use of scientifically validated methods to help a person make desired changes in the lives. It is used to treat a variety of problems and is helpful for many people, not just for individuals suffering from a mental illness. Counseling helps people to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. If you feel an overwhelming sense of stress, anxiety, depression or are going through a challenging time in your life then psychotherapy can be of great benefit to you. It gives you the tools you need to live a more satisfying and rewarding life.


Cindy Fabico, MA, LMHC, LMFT, NCC, Life Coach

Lic Mental Health Counselor,Lic Marriage & Family Therapist

7758 Wallace Rd, Suite 6, Orlando, Florida

Many of us go through life with little reflection. Deciding to enter into "psychotherapy" is sometimes triggered by an emotional factor such as depression or anxiety but this is not a necessary prerequisite. I have found working with clients in psychotherapy very rewarding as it provides an opportunity for enormous personal growth as they explore who they have been, who they are now, and who they truly want to be. This process can be painful and sometimes clients wonder how long it will take to feel better and then 1 day they realize they are acting and feeling different than they did before. Let's explore what is and is not working and how you might need to expand to become who you are.


Jenifer Garrido, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist

719 Peachtree Road, Ste 200, Orlando, Florida

As a psychotherapist, my role is to help my clients gain confidence in their decision making power and begin to trust in themselves. I believe that therapy should be solution-focused and action oriented. Using a Cogntive Behavioral Approach, the goal is to assist clients with developing tools to empower themselves, strategies that they clearly understand and can implement to overcome the obstacles standing in their way of happiness.


Josh Grover, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

511 N Maitland Ave , Maitland, Florida

Sometimes we need to bare our souls in a safe and confidential environment to one who can reflect truth and encouragement. This helps us see ourselves in a new and hopeful light. Carl Rogers said, “The curious paradox is, once we accept ourselves as we our then we can change.” As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor it has been my honor to help my clients accept themselves and change in positive ways they never thought possible.


Yolanda Brailey, MA, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

7450 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Suite 315, Orlando, Florida

Individual therapy is an investment in yourself. It is priceless. I would be honored to help you explore your options further, process your thoughts and feelings and provide therapeutic guidance for your journey. Common topics consist of anxiety, depression, adjustment, grief & loss, stress management, self-esteem, and anger management. Please contact me so we can get started. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jennifer Wisser-Stokes, MSCP, LMHC, DCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

1858 N. Alafaya Trail, Suite 208, Orlando, Florida

Jennifer provides psychotherapy to children and families. She works to understand her clients’ strengths, weaknesses, concerns, and goals for therapy in order to help guide the therapeutic process with the child and/or parent she is working with. Jennifer provides psychotherapy that helps children make sense of their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This clarity allows for a child to create a new healthy meaning of his/her experience and learn different ways to cope with difficult circumstances or emotions that arise.


Bryan Truelove, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

442 N. Dillard Street, Suite 1, Winter Garden, Florida

Psychotherapy is designed to help you identify past issues that are currently effecting your life. Once you get to the root of the problem you can resolve it and move on in an emotionally healthy way. While this is an excellent option for some people, not all issues will require this form of intense long term work. So I recommend discussing your issues, goals, and options with your therapist to determine which approach will best meet your needs. If psychotherapy is needed I am happy to work with you for as long as it takes to reach your goal. For best results I also recommend meeting a potential therapist for a few sessions to make sure you feel comfortable and work well together.

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Help for marriages, separation, divorce, individuals, families and relationships in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

Other Areas of Practice: self-esteem, financial counselor Orlando, addictions (alcohol abuse, substance abuse, gambling, sexual addiction, internet addiction), career counselling Orlando. Also credentialed in depression help, credit counselor, trauma counseling Orlando FL , spiritual and Christian counseling Orlando FL, infidelity & affair help, anger management . Further proficiencies include: Child therapist in Orlando, FL, burnout, grief & loss, psychological testing and assessment, communication counselor, aging parents, eating disorders Florida, stress therapy, and panic.

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Orlando is located in Orange County, Florida. It has a land area of 105.21 square miles and a water area of 8.53 square miles.  The population of Orlando is 270,934 people with 105,359 households and a median annual income of $42,318. .

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Mental health treatment and therapy in Orlando is sometimes a struggle to afford for families and individuals without proper insurance coverage. Finances for many in Orlando are not able to cover long term weekly counseling sessions without a budgetary plan in place. The good news is that therapists are often willing to work with you if accessibility is an issue. Low cost therapy and sliding scales are just some of the options that therapists can offer. Insurance may cover your sessions as well. Talk to your counselor to learn more.