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Find a family therapist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Effective help for relationships, blended families, family of origin and other issues.

Family Therapist

Kayla Roberts, M.S., LMHC, BCCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Christian Counselor

7481 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 308-D, Lauderhill, Florida

Clients will be able to better understand the dynamics of their family and how their family system works, what sustains it, what makes it strong and what makes it weak. Counseling will help the clients gain the love, respect, and honor that draws them together as a family, so they can find the joy and fulfillment of being a family. Healing and restoring relationships is an outcome of the counseling process of Family Therapy, as each individual agrees to work on strengthening and protecting themselves and each other.

Family Therapist

Jason Wasser, LMFT, CAP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

One of the most most beautiful parts of Family Therapy is when powerful change happens when you least expect it. I will work with you to help the structure of your family run more smoothly, identify stuck patterns and move towards more healthy communication and behaviors. All of these changes will be measurable and identifying within the first few sessions and my goal is to have you and your family walk out noticing these changes as soon as possible!

Family Therapist

Kacee Tannenbaum, LCSW, DBTC

Board Certified Professional Counselor

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Families enter into therapy with a myraid of problems. It's important to understand the roles of each indivdual present in the family and create change by collectively creating family goals and family rules. Communication is also an integral part of family therapy and also is address in session. The goal is to get the family back to homostasis...stability. It is important to know that not all families are fully functional all the time. Therefore, I help families learn ways to get back to their "normal."

Family Therapist

Sultana M. Pashalidis, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1975 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At Fort Lauderdale Therapy Center, we use a systemic family therapy approach to assist clients to see their contribution to negative relationship patterns and begin connecting in healthier ways. By working toward a positive path of being both a family member and an individual within the family context, we can shift perspectives of thinking and behavior patterns.

Family Therapist

Gary Forrest, PhD, LMFT, SAP

Licensed Psychotherapist

120 East Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 108, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Although I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Doctorate in Marriage & Family Therapy, I do not work with children under 18. I do, however, work with families with adult children. Often, parents believe their lives are being disrupted when adult children move home or when they fail to achieve (whether or not they live together). Also, many adult children believe that their parents are overreaching, etc. My approach to every situation is systemic. I help each member of the family system to adopt new behaviors that are neither childlike nor parent-like. In this way, the family system and each member in it can learn to live in harmony, whether or not they live together.

Family Therapist

Maria Sue Butler, LMFT, Supervisor State Of Florida

LMFT Diplomate, Certified of Anger management

6790 TAFT ST, HOLLYWOOD, Florida

Families are the most important elements of society. We believe that healthy families form great communities. It all starts with the couple. We do intense couples and family therapy. Our relational skill building approach has helped many couples and families to reduce violence, conflict, miscommunication and anger at home. We are the only ones who give you a two-for-one treatment. We provide couples and family treatment along with anger management treatment at not extra cost.

Family Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Most family therapists inadvertently create more chaos through their well-intentioned efforts to assist a family move through a change process. Why? Brains are inherently deregulated (all of us, may I add) and most talking and dialoguing misses brain-centric problems that need more intensive help. Many times the emotional trauma created by years of solving problems ineffectively can wreak havoc on the brain's parasympathetic nervous system, not ever giving the family a break from flight or fight thinking. Contact us for an innovative neuroscience solution to family dysfunction. or 877-606-6161.

Family Therapist

Eva Brown, M.S.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

2425 East Commercial Blvd Suite 400, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Most everyone knows that with family comes many, sometimes turbulent, ups and downs. In the end though, the one ingredient that is most always present is unconditional love. I am a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and have specialized training in working with families, no matter how big or small. Together you, your family, and I will work to uncover the family challenges and create custom tailored solutions that fit for everyone involved. Expect that it will be challenging, given that each family member is unique in their own way, but with dedication, love, and a will to make a difference in your family’s life, the possibility of change is in your future. Call anytime!

Family Therapist

Elizabeth David, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

6750 N Andrews Avenue, Suite 200, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As a Marriage and Family Therapist I strongly believe that there is no one way to handle a problem. I work with my clients to highlight what works and use that knowledge to help improve what seems to not be working. I genuinely enjoy seeing the entire family in session since it provides rich information on how a family interacts and provides insight on the resources they have to tackle whatever problems come their way.

Family Therapist

Bobbi Newman, LMHC, CIRT

Licensed Mental Heath Counselor, Certified Imago Therapist

4901 NW 17th Way Ste. 408, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Families consist of the most important relationships in our lives. They can also be the most difficult. Learning how to communicate as children are growing up allows the kids to form healthier relationships as they grow up. We learned how to do "family" from our families...who did what they learned. Counseling helps to becomes more aware of the tools for healthy and connecting relationships.

Family Therapist

Laura Kohn, LMHC, CHt

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

2787 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 214, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Find the skills you want to consciously create the family life you've always desired. Stop negative ingrained habits and dysfunctional behavior patterns quickly. Learn to respond consciously instead of reacting unconsciously. Improve your communications skills and learn the tools to resolve conflict or shift behavioral patterns quickly. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see things from an different perspective. Work with a consultant to quickly assess the problem and come up with easily implemented solutions. Your family is worth it. Call today.

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Fort Lauderdale is located in Broward County, Florida. It has a land area of 34.62 square miles and a water area of 1.68 square miles.  The population of Fort Lauderdale is 178,590 people with 73,446 households and a median annual income of $50,778. .

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Therapy in Fort Lauderdale is generally within financial reach for the average family, but some budget planning may be needed for a real commitment to weekly counseling. Remember that your mental health and happiness are important. Check with your Fort Lauderdale therapist about insurance coverage or ask about sliding scale fees if there are any difficulties with accessibility