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Anger Therapist

Pamela Meyerson, LCSW

Pam Meyerson

Within driving distance of Winthrop Harbor

As a therapist that engages my patients to set therapeutic goals, I often help patients with anger issues to evaluate all aspects of their lives, including sensory issues, negative thinking, diet, exercise, general lifestyle, problem solving and coping abilities, work, etcetera, in order to develop strategies to minimize their anger and negative reactivity to stimuli.

Anger Therapist

Renee Murphy-Hughes, M.A., FPT, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Winthrop Harbor

Anger management is really not about anger at all. It's about other things that I will discuss with my clients. Once they figure out what is the true basis for the anger then they can start to work on tempering their reaction to anger. Anger doesn't feel good to either the person on the receiving end, nor to the person who is raging or losing control. No one really likes the feeling of "being-out-of-control" - except addicts. There are many ways of getting your point across without being physical, raging, or insulting. We can work on this together. I believe you will find it beneficial. It is not a typical "Anger Management Class". Just one to one.

Anger Therapist

William Edleman, LCSW, MSW


Within driving distance of Winthrop Harbor

Often challenges that complicate our lives also gives us opportunity to grow. Perhaps we're faced with marital or family problems, or job dissatisfaction. Or, you've had difficulty expressing anger.These struggles may indicate deeper issues, limiting beliefs and emotional wounds we harbor from the past. With William Edleman's help, you can alter self-destructive patterns of behavior and make positive , lasting improvements in your life. You can break free from your distrust of others and learn to act more effectively, feeling more whole and more self -empowered.

Anger Therapist

Kristin Patten, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Winthrop Harbor

Is your child out of control? Are there holes in your walls, broken items, lots of tantrums, or siblings getting hurt in your home? Let me help! I specialize in working with youth aged 3-25. I can help you identify from where these behaviors are coming and strategize to help make your home more peaceful and your child less stressed. Sometimes, self-harm behavior is also a symptom of anger, but directed at oneself. Kids behaviors are typically goal oriented, and it's the adults' job to decipher the kid code! Give me a call for a free consultation, and if I'm not the right match for you, I'll send you somewhere nearby that may be a better resource!

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Winthrop Harbor is located in Lake County, Illinois. It has a land area of 4.74 square miles and a water area of 0.08 square miles.  The population of Winthrop Harbor is 6,818 people with 2,474 households and a median annual income of $77,837. .

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