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Family Therapist

Pat Allen, R.N. CPMHN(C), R.S.W.

Pat Allen

565 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton , Ontario

Conflict in families is a normal part of our life but situations can arise which make navigating the road of life difficult. Experiencing parent/teen difficulties? Teens have a developmental task of separating from their parents, and life at this stage can produce conflict. This does not take away from the fact that good parents are the key to producing resilient teens. Perhaps conflict is due to different parenting styles in a blended family. There are many factors which go into making a happy stress free home. Seeking help in a safe and caring environment is sometimes needed to achieve this goal.

Family Therapist

Dan Watterworth, BTh., MDiv.

Therapist, Counsellor

565 Sanitorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

Family relationships are the ones that form us and often have the most meaning in our lives. My approach to family therapy begins with respect for each individual in the family with the realization that each person’s behavior affects the whole. I am an empathetic listener as well as a facilitator of healthy relationships and communication. I enjoy helping families work through conflict and develop the insight and skills needed to improve their relationships and their personal well-being.

Family Therapist

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Family therapy is a process for everyone to feel heard, understood and that their needs matter. From the youngest to the eldest all our needs matter. Through a process of growing empathy for each other, we can explore creative ways where everyone can get their needs met and everyone can have space to be themselves. Sometimes we all get confused about what we are really wanting. So often conflict and misunderstandings create isolation in even the most loving families. Our work together is to make the time and space to understand each other and find the way back from conflict to connection.

Family Therapist

Chad Tomlinson, MTS, M’Ed, MA, OCT

Chad Tomlinson, Therapist/Counselor

565 Sanatorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

Every family is different, but every family deserves to feel love. When this is not the case, it is time to change things up. Everyone in the family is important and deserves to be heard, understood and respected. Together, we can make this happen. This is important because this will open the doors to the needed healing and the formation of healthy expectations and boundaries that will help make sharing your love for each other easier.

Family Therapist

Tristan Price, HBA, MSc.


565 Sanitorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

As a parent, it can be really difficult to talk to your adolescent children. They walk into the house, kick their shoes off, and run up the stairs to their room and close the door. Maybe, you approach them to talk, ask how their day was, and they respond with, “School sucks. I’m never going back.” If you get this response, you are frustrated. Within this frustration is concern for your child, but you are unable to communicate that without anger. I can help your child and you work on better communication with one another. If the above feels similar to your experience, I can help your child and you work through it.

Family Therapist

Michelle Pennells, H.B.A. Psychology; D.T.A.T.I.

Art Therapist and Counsellor

565 Sanitorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton,

Through a combination of Family Systems techniques, therapeutic art making, and talking therapy, I help families build communication, become aware of their habits and ways of interacting, identify problems, and come up with solutions for the best way to solve or manage these problems. I help families become a more open and cohesive unit by helping them become more aware of the ways that they interact with each other, and helping them resolve conflicts and anxieties. I help families strengthen their relationships through honesty and open communication, so that they can overcome conflicts together.

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Hamilton is located in Ontario, Canada. It has a land area of 256.08 square kilometers.  The population of Hamilton is 10,942 people with 4,276 households . The population ranking for Hamilton is #377 nationally and #135 for the province of Ontario with a density of 42.70 people per sq km. Hamilton therapists serve postal code: L9G.