Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Hamilton, ON.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Hamilton, Ontario.

Anxiety Counsellor

Karen Zicari, R.P. R.P.C., C.P.C.

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Professional Counsellor

1376 Plains Rd. E., Burlington, Ontario

'Anxiety' and 'stress' are the watchwords of our times. Our desire for relief is reflected in the many promises products and services advertise. It can start with a period of life, an event or get its foot in the door and gradually take over more and more of your life. Contact Karen to take some deliberate time out to address out-of-control anxiety, stress and even panic in a calm, focused atmosphere. Get the upper hand.

Anxiety Counsellor

Emma Vanderkruk, (B.A.) Psychology

Clinical Counsellor

345 Lakeshore Rd. East, Oakville , Ontario

Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on an individual and their health. Without proper support and understanding, an individual can struggle with their daily functioning or even get physically ill. Fortunately, talking it out and exploring the anxiety and the stress through counselling can also help individuals who battle stress on a regular basis. Counselling can help you gain perspective on your current thought patterns and coping skills, while also working to give you the advantage over the stress and anxiety.

Anxiety Counsellor

Chad Tomlinson, MTS, M’Ed, MA, OCT

Chad Tomlinson, Therapist/Counselor

565 Sanatorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

Anxiety is a gift… it’s not the kind of gift a typical person would ask for, but it’s still a gift. It is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong and we need to fix it. Anxiety is not evil like many people think, but it can hold us back from being the person we were meant to be. Together, we will find ways to reduce this while addressing the source of the problem in order to bring healing into your life. It’s time to regain control of your life.

Anxiety Counsellor

Maryam Rahat Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist

565 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton,

Therapy can help you reduce the level of anxiety that you feel by looking into its roots and the thoughts that are associated with the cause of anxiety. Additionally, therapy will work on coping skills that can help you effectively manage stress and anxiety and reduce the control that anxiety has over various aspects of your life.

Anxiety Counsellor

William Stokeld, MA


565 Sanatorium Rd. Suite 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

Back in our distant past, anxiety and stress came from physical concerns such as lack of food, or shelter, to help us survive the winter, or danger of being killed by an animal (or neighbour!). While we now have few physical dangers to cause us anxiety or stress, we have many psychological ones – work, traffic, neighbours, money and lack of time to name a few. It is not these “events” themselves that create the anxiety and stress, but how we perceive them. Through exploring the irrationality of our thoughts, life’s events can be put into a more balanced perspective, with the resulting positive impact on our health and sense of wellbeing.

Anxiety Counsellor

Elisabeth Needham, M.T.S.


565 Sanatorium Rd., Suite 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

Stress: It’s a part of our everyday lives. You may experience panic attacks, feel overwhelmed - that you’re falling apart at the seams. You may be crippled with worry. How does this affect your present and your future? You may be obsessing so much about what will happen, what should be done and your fears that your ‘today’ is ruined. Let’s work together to learn a balanced approach to stress that will free you of your spiraling thoughts!

Anxiety Counsellor

Dan Watterworth, BTh., MDiv.

Therapist, Counsellor

565 Sanitorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

For many clients it is difficult to make the call to seek counselling for anxiety, but I encourage you to do it as an investment in yourself. In a warm and empathetic environment, together we look at how your thoughts affect your feelings which lead to anxiety as well as your life story to consider areas of healing from the past as well as solutions for the future. My specialty is in understanding how significant relationships or the loss of these relationships contribute to one’s anxiety and stress.

Anxiety Counsellor

Bridgette Diggins, Hon. BA, Psych

Registered Psychothereapist (CRPO)

Anxiety is a pervasive mental health issue that can also be associated with a variety of factors including depression, low self-esteem, trauma, exposure to accumulative stressors, or acute situational stress. The experience of anxiety can exist in the absence of obvious triggers. Given the variables, it is essential to hear a client’s story fully to define a clearer map of psycho-educational needs. By exploring alternative ways of thinking and employing CBT-based, anxiolytic strategies (imagery, relaxation and breathing exercises), clients are better equipped to gain control–i.e., unlearn bad habits contributing to patterns of negative thinking, fears, and unwanted physiological responses.

Anxiety Counsellor

Barb Kirkham, BA, MA


565 Sanitorium Rd. Unit 204A, Hamilton, Ontario

Living with anxiety robs us of our ability to enjoy our lives and to relax. As a person that has overcome an anxiety disorder, I understand that anxiety can have a profound impact on many aspects or our lives e.g.: relationships, work, self-esteem, etc. As a trained professional I will help you to identify what creates and sustains anxiety for you. With this understanding you will gain control over your anxiety and prevent future occurrences. You deserve to enjoy life. Let’s start now.

Anxiety Counsellor

Pat Allen, R.N. CPMHN(C), R.S.W.

Pat Allen

565 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton , Ontario

Anxiety can be overwhelming and seeks to limit us in our day to day functioning. Anxiety has complex origins: whether it be genetics, or due to trauma or just living in a continued stressful environment, anxiety will keep us in a constant state of alert and even panic. Cognitive behaviour therapy and interpersonal therapy can help one learn techniques to control anxiety and to change your way of coping so that anxiety no longer rules your life.

Anxiety Counsellor

Michelle Pennells, H.B.A. Psychology; D.T.A.T.I.

Art Therapist and Counsellor

565 Sanitorium Rd., Unit 204A, Hamilton,

I use a variety of counselling techniques including therapeutic art making combined with talking therapy to aid my clients in identifying their triggers for stress and anxiety. The art making process can be used along with meditative techniques to help clients to calm the stress and anxiety that they are feeling. It can provide a safe and effective outlet for the excess energy and/or tension that anxiety and stress can create. I help my clients learn coping techniques to help them manage their stress and anxiety.

Anxiety Counselor

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Often we are bombarded by stressful life circumstances that can steal our peace. Many of us have come through very painful and challenging experiences that have shaken our ability to create safety. All of which leave us vulnerable to anxiety and we can easily find ourselves in a constant state of panic. In my approach, I support you to make sense of these feelings and get them to work for you rather than against you. As we make sense of our fears and learn ways to create internal safety, we can create a peace that comes from the inside out. Like the quote says " I am not afraid of the storms, for I know how to sail my ship." Our work is to strengthen your ability to sail the storms.

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Hamilton is located in Ontario, Canada. It has a land area of 256.08 square kilometers.  The population of Hamilton is 10,942 people with 4,276 households . The population ranking for Hamilton is #377 nationally and #135 for the province of Ontario with a density of 42.70 people per sq km. Hamilton therapists serve postal code: L9G.