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Shulamit Berlevtov, MA, RSW

Registered Social Worker

Within driving distance of Stittsville

I practice under psychological supervision, and can issue receipts for psychological services under the name and registration number of the registered psychologist who supervises me. He practices in the psychodynamic tradition. Your self-confidence and understanding will increase. You will be able to identify and tolerate a wider range of emotions which will provide you with relief from emotional distress. This distress-tolerance makes you more resilient in the face of stress so you can better face difficulties that arise in life.


Catherine Stafford, M.Ed.


Within driving distance of Stittsville

My most important job is to help clients feel safe with me. People deal with life the best way they can until that way no longer works for them. When that happens, I am there to support clients in the process of exploring new ways of coping and developing strategies that work to promote healthy balance and healthy growth - both in oneself and in relationships.


Capital Choice Counselling, Ph.D, RP, RSW

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Social Worker

Within driving distance of Stittsville

Our psychologists have expertise in the areas of couple and family therapy, trauma (PTSD), EMDR, anxiety/depression, bereavement, workplace adjustment/life transitions, and addictions. They draw on evidence based models and compassion to provide an atmosphere of safety from which our clients can experience change. A relationship that is trusting and connected is vital for therapy, and our psychologists work hard to establish this.

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