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Welcome. My name is Dr. Adrian Fletcher; I am a licensed
psychologist and practice in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

I know that searching for a therapist is no easy task and that it takes a lot
of courage to be able to send an email or make a phone call when you finally feel
ready to take the steps to start or inquire about the process and it can feel discouraging if
your call is not returned or you don’t hear back after you have taken that very
difficult first step. I make it a priority to return all inquires within 24 hours.
My Experience: I have been actively working in the mental health field for just over
13 years now, I started my career in the helping profession when I was first in college and assisted a school psychologist with an afterschool program. During graduate school in NYC I was also an assistant teacher for a gifted program. After college and completion of my first Master’s degree, I worked as a family counselor for the homeless and then from there as an emergency services clinician for a hospital and two outpatient community mental health clinics. I have also worked as a behavioral health technician on an inpatient psychiatric unit here in the valley, my pre-doctoral level training has been with the elderly, veteran population and my postdoctoral training has been in outpatient private practice settings. I have worked with a variety of people with a variety of concerns from ages 3 to 89. Please visit my website for information on specific services as well as training and education 
Specializations: I specialize in adolescent and adult psychotherapy and in the treatment of stress, anxiety, trauma,coping skill building, depression and mood disorders, relationship issues, compulsivity and addiction issues, family-of-origin issues and other related life stressors. My clients are high functioning people with typical life concerns or who are dealing with a road block that is preventing them from leading a more fulfilling life. That road block could be a variety of things as each person is uniquely different.

My Approach: I take a strength based approach and believe that everyone has within them the strengths
they need to improve either themselves or learn the skills necessary to cope with a difficult situation. Together in a collaborative environment we work together to create a plan that is tailored to your situation and I make it my utmost priority to create a safe, warm and inviting atmosphere for you to come to therapy and actually want to come in, it is not uncommon to want to avoid “tough stuff”. I want you to know I am here to assist you in gaining an understanding of how your current distress came to be.  
My Philosophy
In therapy you are on a journey to self-discovery and I am like a travel guide pointing out what might be important stops or avenues to look at along the way; with the goal of helping you create joy and peace in your life. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at experiencing joy, relief, happiness and the opportunity to create the best version of themselves, it takes courage, willingness, openness, collaboration, curiosity and a dash of hope that change may be possible.

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