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Bonnie Barness if from Beverly Hills, California and is a graduate of U.C.L.A. She currently resides in Scottdale, Arizona, where she maintains a private practice providing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching.
Ms. Barness has created a process in which individuals are able to shift out of pain, blocks, barriers, and limitations into a new state of conscious awareness, allowing for a greater experience of joy, happiness, fulfillment and the manifestation of dreasm. This method, process, SHIFT Actualization, provides hope, relief and freedom for individuals of all ages dealing with anxiety, depression, loss and addiction. She helps couples and families move out of conflict into deep intimate connection. Those consciously on a spiritual path reach new levels of insight, understanding and experience. For some, the SHIFT take place over a period of time. For others, it happens immediately.
As an author and speaker, Ms. Barness enjoys sharing her unique approach to life, relationships and spiritual growth with others. On radio and television, as an expert source for the Arizona Republic and in her advice dolumn, "Ask Bonnie", she has provided specific strategies for dealing with life's challenges and for living life to its fullest.
Through her books and workboosk, Finding the Balance, Experiencing the Shift, Manifesting Your Dreams, Emotional Intelligence, The Soul's Lens, Freedom from Addiction, as well as during SHIFT workshops, SHIFT weekend retreast and the SHIFT AP Tele-Seminars, she supports individuals of all ages make dreams into reality.
Ms. Barness also trains individuals in sharing the process of  SHIFT Actualiztion with others. For more information about her books and events or becoming a SHIFT Facilitator or SHIFT AP Coach,  please visit If you are interested in arranging future speaking engagements and privat events or sessions, please email her at 

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