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Catherine is a Counselor for individuals and couples, and is also a Life Coach, Executive Coach, and Consultant, and has lived this life calling for over 20 years in Toronto. She is a certified Imago Couple’s Counselor, and has extensive training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapist) for couples. She is a published author, has spoken to numerous groups and organizations, and has extensive media experience, particularly in the realm of relationships. She has obtained a PhD and her dissertation study was on women in romantic relationships.

Catherine will help you to clarify your dreams and goals, to understand and assess your life as it is and what has lead to the current aspects of your life that are working well and those that are not. She will work with you as a therapist or coach to help you to achieve your outcomes and become the most fulfilled you can be in the various areas of your life.

Catherine’s desire for you to reach your goals and move forward in your life is evident by her focused approach with you. Of course, every individual’s need is different and tailored to suit your specific goals.

Catherine’s counseling will work well with individuals who have issues with:

-         Anxiety and Stress

-         Low mood or Depression

-         Self-esteem or Self-worth

-         Less than fulfilling career or vocation

-         Relationship issues (single, married, separated, or divorced)

Catherine’s coaching practice will work well with individuals who want to:

-         Improve work productivity

-         Have better interpersonal issues at work

-         Improve their existing career or find a new one

-         Improve any area of their life (including work, relationships, fulfillment, happiness)

-         Uncover life purpose and live their best life

Catherine lives her life purpose to transform pain and suffering into meaning and joy. She lives a meaningful and joy-filled life.

Contact Catherine to discuss how she can help you to move toward your current goals and dreams. Your call will be returned Monday to Friday.


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