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Are you depressed, confused, or angry?  
Do you sleep more and more each day? 
Do you question your place in the world? 
Are you trying to make sense of life? 
Are you having a crisis of faith or experiencing a mid-life crisis? 
Do you see people all day and feel as if you are alone? 
Have you had a difficult time relating to friends and/or family? 
Have you grown bored with life?   
Have you lost that spark?
Do you ask yourself, "Why is this happening?"  or "Why is this happening to me?" 
Does it feel like everything is against you?
If you feel you are ready to explore these questions then I invite you to contact me.  If you do not choose me please keep searching. Do not give up.  Help is out there!
I am a Veteran of the United States Navy and was a 1st responder. I believe this has prepared me to work with my fellow Veterans and 1st responders. I also believe I can offer a unique perspective that can help Veterans and 1st responders better adapt and cope. I have worked with different Veterans with different backgrounds for years.  

Fees are $120 per session.  I am also available on weekends.  Contact me for a consultation at no charge.

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