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Are you looking for a safe space to work through challenges that you’d prefer not to discuss in detail with your friends or family? Are you feeling stuck in patterns that are hurting you and your loved ones? My job is to provide this space, and I do so with warmth, acceptance, and a true investment in your life and well-being. Your goals become my goals, and together we check them off the list until we achieve the changes you desire. Choosing the right therapist for you is the first step.


Science tells us that when we feel safe, secure, and fulfilled in our closest relationships there is a profound ripple effect positively impacting the rest of our lives. For this reason (and many more) I specialize in the formation and maintenance of healthy, life-giving relationships. Whether you are married, partnered, beginning a relationship, or are an individual feeling ready to start making healthy connections, I am here to help.

Couples & Marriage Counseling
      1. Increased emotional connection
      2. Improved communication
      3. Enhanced intimacy   
      4. Reduced arguments
      5. Resolved conflict
      6. Strengthened trust
      7. Premarital counseling – sets the foundation for a healthy marriage
Individual Therapy
      1. Family of origin issues
      2. Trauma and recovery
      3. Self confidence & empowerment
      4. Healthy & life-giving relationships
      5. Effective communication
      6. Reduced anxiety
      7. New life direction & support around life transitions
      8. Self love & inner peace
Families & Adolescents
      1. Emotional support for adolescents with divorced or divorcing parents
      2. Blending families
      3. Healthy navigation of teenage years
      4. Improving communication
      5. Increases honest or re-building of trust
      6. Depression & anxiety
      7. Substance use
      8. Support for adolescents and young adults transitioning home or to college from sober living, wilderness       
         programs, and residential treatment centers.


My decision to become a couples and family therapist was simple because, quite honestly, I never imagined myself doing anything else.

I am deeply inspired by the life experiences of others and knew from an early age that my most natural path to being of service in this world was to learn how to support the highest quality of human relationships. While our close relationships have the potential to be our greatest source of joy, they can also cause incredible distress and harm to our lives. It is for this reason—the goal of supporting others to live authentically and to engage in healthy and life-giving relationships—that I feel inspired and energized by this work.

I am a native of Boulder, Colorado, a product of Waldorf Education, a daughter, sister, partner, and friend. If given unlimited time I would travel the world, paint, read, explore the outdoors, spend time with family and friends, and continuously
strive to be the best therapist of my ability.


Finding the right therapist for you is an important part of the healing process. For this reason, I offer a free phone consultation as well as a half price first session to provide the space to get to know one another. Feel free to explore my website at or call me directly to set up our first meeting! 

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