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I believe that therapy offers a powerful, sacred place to examine, heal and change your life. As a therapist, I can help you rediscover your own aliveness, and learn to trust yourself and your inner wisdom again. Together, we will explore the feelings, beliefs, relationships and patterns that have been keeping you stuck. We will identify unresolved issues under the surface that have been “driving the bus” so to speak, so that you can get out of your own way and begin to enjoy this finite and wildly precious life of yours.

My clients are typically high-functioning and competent on the outside, yet are struggling on the inside with issues like anxiety, emptiness, and difficulties in their relationships. My clients often tell me that they appreciate my warm and non-judgmental presence, because it allows them a safe space within which to "truly show up" and share their experience. I've also been told that I have a wonderful ability to zero in on the underlying, core issues which underpin emotional and relational struggles.

My counselling style is compassionate, accessible and very human. I place a lot of importance on developing an authentic relationship with each client, because I see it as a necessary foundation for emotional safety and transformation. My approach involves working with all of who you are—feelings, mind, body, and spirit. In our work together, you can expect to become more present and aware of your overall experience, setting a strong foundation for growth. You can also expect to experience greater emotional awareness, authenticity and stability. The majority of the practices that I use are "experiential", which means that we will pay attention to your emotions and bodily sensations in a way that will help you explore them experiencing them, rather than just understanding them in your head (although insight and understanding are equally important too!).

I also place a lot of importance on your relationships, both past (i.e. family of origin, past partners) and present. Current neuroscience research points to the human need for quality relationships, or what we call “healthy attachment” to others, in order to maintain optimum emotional health—so in our work together, we will explore how you relate not only to yourself, but also how you relate to others in your life. Often, I find that exploring the difficulties in our present-day relationships reveal long-held relational and emotional patterns, ways of being typically learned in childhood. And although these patterns once served us, they usually are no longer useful in our adult lives, and often are at the root of our relational struggles because of the fact that they are still "in charge" and are driving our behavior. Helping clients work through these relational patterns is one of my greatest passions. 

If you have any questions about what therapy might look like with me as your guide, please contact me! I look forward to meeting you. 

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