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I’m an experienced therapist who helps adults struggling with the effects of trauma, harm, and abuse feel safe, heal wounds, and build more joy and vibrancy in their lives. My qualifications include:
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington
  • 12 years of mental health and psychotherapy work, focusing on long-term work with adults who have a history of complex trauma
  • M.A. in counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Trained in Internal Family Systems (imaginal work with wounded parts)
  • Trained in EMDR (specialized trauma intervention technique)
  • Trained in dreamwork, imaginal work, mindfulness, suicidality, and professional ethics
I see my first job as your therapist to be building a sense of trust and safety between us. When you’re ready we can reflect on the old wounds that still hurt – the places you still get stuck – and we can begin to heal those parts of you together. Over time we can work to release the hold those old wounds have over you, sense how they’ve shaped you, make meaning of them, and strengthen your vibrant wholeness. I bring several perspectives together to inform the work we do. My approach is:
  • Trauma-informedfostering safety and trust in our relationship and empowering you to lead the way on your healing journey.
  • Committed to anti-biaswelcoming all of who you are into our work together. I do ongoing work on my own unintentional bias, and I encourage feedback when I get something wrong.
  • Client-centeredrecognizing your individuality, inherent strengths, knowledge of yourself, and capacity for healing.
  • Attachment-basedrespecting the importance of attunement as a healing experience for those who have struggled with relationships, especially early ones.
  • Psychodynamicdiscovering how our present-day experiences are influenced by the past and healing those wounds together to liberate yourself from their grip.
  • Depth-orientedworking to bring unconscious elements into awareness through dreamwork,
  • imagination, archetype, story, creativity, and deep reflection.
This is not easy work, but if you engage it regularly and diligently, you may find it will help you:
  • Soften your anger, fear, and sadness
  • Strengthen your self-worth
  • Foster life-affirming habits
  • Be in charge of things that currently overwhelm you
  • Stay grounded and centered in your body
  • Relate to yourself and others with compassion
  • Feel a sense of connection and belonging in the world
Walking with others through pain and healing, and into the wholeness that is everyone’s birthright, is my life’s calling. It is an honor and a pleasure to do this work. I welcome a conversation with you to see if we’re a good fit. Please check out my website for more information, and feel free to get in touch with me to move your healing journey forward.

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