Leo Battenhausen, LCSW, LCADC

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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • 215 Elm Avenue, Rahway, New Jersey, 07065
  • Phone: 908-347-4897
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  • Session Fees: $130 per 45 minute session. $150 per 60 minute session. I will provide you with the proper receipt to submit to your insurance company if desired.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM

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I am a highly personable therapist with a genuine desire to help others. If you are serious about wanting to change things in your life and get "unstuck" from a troublesome situation you are in, you can rest assured that I can and will help you. My background and experience has been very varied, and I have worked in many different settings offering a variety of services to clients. My office is comfortable, private and very friendly. I am a very down-to-earth person and will your make therapy comfortable, beneficial, meaningful and personal to your needs.
I employ a Humanistic approach meaning all treatment and counseling is custom-tailored to my clients. No "psychobabble" or constant questions such as "Well how do you feel about that...?" Your past is very important, but not as important as your future.
My sense of humor and ability to help you feel comfortable are unique. My former and present clients would attest to that. Most clients come from word of mouth. To me, that is the highest compliment a therapist can receive. Let's talk and see if I can help you get past your situation with solutions.
I've worked in State Psychiatric Hospitals, Addiction Treatment Centers, Employee Assistance Programs and prisons. I have been a Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Director and Supervisor throughout my career, but always found myself connecting with my clients, whoever they were. Lawyers, clergy, landscapers, teachers, high school kids, homeless people, "criminals," and everyone in-between. I have found the very commonly-shared threads that connect people of all types and statuses when it comes to WHY they seek therapy. Let me help you too!
People and what troubles their lives is my business! No suit, no tie, no judgement, and no rush. Need someone you can "trust?" Need someone you can "talk to?" That is truly me.
Or perhaps you think "therapy" is not for you? We've all been there. Even I have been there! The MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN A THERAPIST are comfort, genuineness, and a true sense of connection with one. If you don't feel those things after an initial session, move on to another! You have choices, and perhaps having the RIGHT therapist is one of the most important relationships you'll ever have. I've heard many stories in my career about "bad, weird, and creepy" therapists. But I have never heard any client of mine feel that way about me. I will ALWAYS ask you after your first session "Are you comfortable talking to me?" I am yet to hear a "no," so I invite you to see me ESPECIALLY if you've had a negative experience in therapy or have your doubts about how it all works. Do not settle for discomfort. It won't help, and will waste your time and money. YOU are worth far more!

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