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Lisa Dennis has a MScOT (post-professional) from Dalhousie and is at Boston University in the Doctoral program. She has struggled with her own brain-based disorders and this motivates her to find treatments to heal her brain.
An occupational therapist since 1999, she has worked with people of all walks of life.  From the adult and geriatric population with physical disabilities, to working within the aboriginal communities, to helping children succeed at school, and with active military members with severe PTSD, concussions, and chronic pain.  She has helped people suffering from a variety of diagnoses:  ADHD, FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), sensory processing disorder, PTSD, mental health and addictions, dyslexia, concussions, Autism, etc.
She is fascinated with the brain and its ability to heal itself.  She offers a vast amount of interventions to encourage neuroplasticity... the brain's ability to make new connections to help her clients overcome their symptoms. Her company Lisa's Holistic Rehab - Occupational Therapy & Neurofeedback Inc. is dedicated to helping you live to your full potential by getting to the root cause (and not just treating the symptoms) by using cutting edge interventions such as Neurofeedback, Bérard AIT, and Colorimetry... to name a few.  We have scoured the earth to find brain rehab interventions for your brain based disorders - from Australia, UK, USA, Israel, France, and Canada. Many of these interventions are offered in Vancouver, Toronto, and it is finally here in the East Coast!
 Does this sound like you or someone you know?
"I can't remember what I hear or read."                                  
"I can't learn things quickly."
"I do or say things that I later regret."
"I can't sit still for very long."
"Everything seems to distract me."
"I can't seem to work quietly."
"I frequently lose things that I need later."
"I read slowly and sometimes the words move on the page."
"I am so clumsy and have poor balance and coordination."
"I start many projects but I never seem to finish anything."
"I avoid crowded places."
"I get irritated by sounds that others would ignore."
"I have trouble staying on the line when reading."
"The lights bother me."
"My headaches or dizziness won't go away."  
If these symptoms bother you or your loved one, then know that you can overcome these issues to make living day to day a little easier.  The brain has the ability to heal itself, it just needs the right interventions to achieve this.  Call or email anytime to set up a free 15 min consultation.

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