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Are you struggling in your relationship with a partner or family member?

Are you feeling stuck in a painful place in your life?

Do you want “more” from your life but are not sure how to find it?

I can offer you compassionate and experienced help to support you in resolving these and many other life issues.

I believe that, although we usually don’t have a choice about whether pain comes into our lives and our relationships, we do have the ability to choose whether it becomes “stuck pain” or “growing pain.”  For over 35 years I have been helping clients learn how to use the inevitable pain of life to grow into happier, more mature, more alive human beings.

Anxiety and depression have their roots in the ways that we adapt to less than optimal childhood relationships.  I will help you understand why/how you learned patterns of feeling, thinking and acting that, although they once helped you to survive, now cause you pain and unhappiness.  You will learn to turn off these “auto-pilot” programs and act more consciously from your truer self and thus increase your joy and zest for life.

Let me help you grow beyond your pain by learning to have compassion for yourself and to nurture rather than criticize yourself.  This is the surest path to becoming the person you want to be.  From this place you can create healthy, more deeply loving relationships and a life that both brings you happiness and allows you to contribute to the betterment of our world.

On the personal side:  I love reading everything from philosophy, to historical novels to fun mystery stories!  I also enjoy performing in student shows at Swallow Hill Music and learning Spanish.  My most favorite thing, though, is hanging out and having great conversations with family (2 grown sons, their spouses, and 3 grandchildren) and friends!

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