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I work with people in a warm and trusting relationship to help uncover who they truly are - their "authentic self" - and learn how to not only better understand themselves, but care for themselves and ultimately, those they love. 

Couples often seek therapy to understand the problems and conflicts that are causing pain and threatening the relationship. Many times, just being in the presence of a therapist makes the communication process feel safer and more comfortable. Together we will search for ways to decrease the cycles of critical, bitter interactions and move to replace these with positive cycles where care and warmth can be expressed. These different patterns of interacting can bring about new ways of being in a relationship that allow for closeness and security.

I also have several years of experience working with the healing properties of play therapy with young children and the benefits it can bring to the family as a whole. For families requiring parenting or co-parenting help for challenges with toddlers to young adults, my knowledge can bring relief to what may feel like a crisis at home.

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