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I am so blessed!  Over 20 years of helping people heal, grow and experience a higher quality of life has been incredibly rewarding for me.  I am very experinced at helping people with most mental health issues.  I love what I do and I regularly see quick and noticeable improvement in the vast majority of the people that I work with.  
My style is to be very interactive and connected in the counseling process. I will listen to you, support you, and seek to give clarity and guidance where you have been confused. This may mean helping you heal from wounds of the past, dealing with current stressors, or helping couples communicate with more understanding and unity.
I have extensive training in most forms of therapy and use whatever techniques and approaches will be most beneficial to you.  One area of specialization that I enjoy is interweaving Christian wisdom and healing to help as a means of healing.  I am happy to work with all belief systems and will cater my approach to meet your beliefs and style.  I  believe that we have a purpose to live a life of abundance and love.
My goal is to help people walk in their truth. I find when we are walking in our authentic truth we are walking in freedom. If we are believing lies and distortions we become trapped in bondage. It is my goal with the individuals and couples I work with to help expose the lies, replace them with truth so that you will experience more abundance and freedom.  When we connect and operate from these deeper levels, people tend to feel like themselves and to operate more freely in their worlds.

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