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As a Christian I believe that we are created with a purpose, to live a life of abundance and love. I believe that includes all areas of life. My basic philosophy of counseling can be boiled down to truth and lies. If we are walking in truth we are walking in freedom. If we are believing lies we become trapped in bondage. It is my goal with the individuals and couples I work with to help expose the lies, replace them with truth so that you will experience more abundance and freedom.
 My style is to be very interactive in the counseling process. I will listen to you, challenge you, and seek to give insight where you are confused. This may mean helping people heal from wounds of the past, dealing with depression and anxiety, or helping couples communicate with more understanding and unity.
As a counselor for over 20 years' experience I am passionate about being your counselor, coach and teammate. I see noticeable improvement in the vast majority of the people that I work with and quite likely can help you. Please call me for a free phone consultation to determine if we fit.

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